The Heartbeat of Social Media

heartbeat of social mediaIt is human nature to want to connect, feel needed, be acknowledged, be understood, appreciated for what we accomplish and contribute to our small circles and ecosystem as a whole.

It’s no wonder that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have taken off as a force to be reckoned with.


What makes Facebook and Twitter sticky?

What are the successful social networks doing better than other networks? Why do people gravitate to one social network over the other?  What makes them stick around?

Why is Facebook able to attract everything from my 70 year old mother-in-law to my 7 yr old son?

Facebook satisfies some of our basic human needs. Our needs to belong, to be provided for, to fit in.

In one simple status update or 140 character tweet we can ask for help, brag about a great day or accomplishment, or simply ask for a prayer when in need.  Within usually seconds we get a response. Someone sends a verse of inspiration, words of wisdom, a virtual pat on the back via a “like” or share.

It’s more than technology. 

It’s the power of community that makes these networks special. It’s not the network, nor the technology infrastructure that is the community. It’s not the like button or the comment box. It’s definitely not the annoying new Facebook timeline.

The social networks are simply the medium that connects people to other people. So what is it? What is that keeps the social heartbeat of Facebook? How do social networks such as Facebook and Twitter keep the healthy pulse morning, noon and night?

I host the #GetRealChat every Tuesday night at 9pm et. We get between 12-25 million impressions on a typical night. However, it’s not the impressions or opt-ins that keep the community thriving. It’s the people. People that I can remember joining a year ago who could hardly tweet or retweet. Yet today they are now leading their communities. They are helping others, and we are all succeeding together as a team, not as one. Twitter is simply the medium that lets us connect weekly with folks across the globe. Tweeters who can sometimes bring a tear to my eye in a simple 140 character tweet. To me, that is powerful and what keeps me stickin’ and tweetin’ around.

Yes, Google plus has good momentum. It is now clearly understood for businesses that depend on the search engines for web traffic to drive business leads that they can not ignore Google and Google plus. However, I question if Google will ever win the heart. I question if they will ever be able to keep up the pulse with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Forcing us to +1 something for search results is far different than someone sharing a business article to help a friend who needs a job or a picture of a new baby with a Grandma who lives across the country.

The heartbeat of social media is you and me. 

The heartbeat of social is the people. That heartbeat gets stronger, louder and becomes viral as more people feel and hear it. It’s what they see, talk about, share, listen to, watch, virtually touch and feel that keeps them coming back. It’s the emotion of good, sad, bad, frustrated, happy and grateful. It’s the ability to share all of those special times and moments with others. It’s the sharing of hopes, dreams, ups, downs, prayers, accomplishments that keep us bonded. It’s new friendships that start with a Tweet on Twitter and turn into a like or friendship on Facebook. It’s the friendship that evolves to in real life friendship.

The heartbeat of social is people sharing life together. Yes, we share business. Yes, we share blog posts, data, expertise, tips and tricks. However, at the end of the day, people buy from people. People are at the heart of communities. Communities are the heart of the social networks. You can’t have one without the other.


My question for you….  

Are you part of the beating heart? Or are you just a part of the noise contributing to the stress, confusion and disbelief in the value of social media.

I challenge you to ponder this question in your online work in 2012. Do something of value. Do something that makes people smile. Do something that creates communities doing good things together. Do something that outlives you. Focus on helping others achieve their goals and chances are achieving yours will happen by default!


Inspire Them!

Heartbeat of Social Media Series

This blog post is the first in a new series I am kicking off titled “The Heartbeat of Social Media“. It will include a deep look at how communities work, what people are doing within them and how businesses can better understand how they can fit in, provide value and derive benefit as both a business as well as individual people.

Subscribe to the series for updates and access to special videos, webinar training and more. Would love to hear your input and have you participate in discussions and debates as we challenge each other to be part of what makes the social network heartbeat healthy and alive in 2012!

About the Author

Pam Moore

*Forbes Top 10 Social Media Women, Forbes top 50 Social Media Power Influencer - CEO / founder of Marketing Nutz, full service social brand, digital marketing agency. Social media marketing speaker, author, strategist, consultant, coach, & trainer. I help businesses of all size integrate social media into the DNA of their business, connect with target audiences to nurture authentic customer relationships. 15+ years experience working with Fortune 500, Franchised corporations with 4000+ local franchises to entrepreneurs and startups!

  • PamMktgNut

    @wahinemedia awww…thanks so much! Glad you liked it! :)

  • RmSorg

    That is absolutely true Pam! Glad you are blogging about this subject. When I read “people buy from people” it reminded of the need for businesses to be transparent and the importance to humanize them, because that’s what connects them to their customers.

    This year, I have resolved to do some social good, that like you stated about, will outlive me..

    Thanks for the post and for the inspiration!



    • PamMktgNut

      @RmSorg Hey girl! We have got to get together. I got your note on FB. So sorry I have not responded. We were helping some friends w/a major life crisis the past couple wks. I’d love to hook up with you on some local social good projects. I have some ideas we could work together. You inspire me too sistah!! xoxo

  • MZazeela

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Pam. SoMe, is not really that different than RL. I think the greatest difference is something of a convenience factor. You can get the same feeling of belonging and being needed in either.

    I think the $64,000 question is, how do SoMe relationships compare to RL ones? Or, should they be compared? How do you interact with your RL friends on SoMe versus your interaction with SoMe friends whom you have never met?


    • PamMktgNut

      @MZazeela I agree Marc. I think they are one in the same and should begin to eventually blend, if not from the start. It’s quite concerning the number of people I am still seeing leading double personalities. We are ONE person regardless how many fake avatars one can create. Thx for stopping by again and taking time to comment!! Have a great rest of your wknd!

    • jrlemar

      @MZazeela I’m pretty much the same online and IRL. That’s why, for example, I only have one Circle on G+, which I put everyone into. I don’t feel the need to separate anyone. or worry about who sees what, because my general rule of the internet is that if there’s even one person in the world that I wouldn’t want to see or know something, then I just don’t post it.But over the years I can say that I’ve developed many “online friendships” that feel just as real to me as real life friendships. I have had the opportunity to meet some online friends in real life, but there’s also a lot of people whom I’ll likely never meet, people in other states and other countries, yet I still consider them friends. After being friends with people online for several years, starting back on Myspace to Facebook, now Google Plus (sometimes), you learn so much about someone through the pictures they post, their status updates, their blogs, etc. You know about their relationships, their jobs, what they do for fun, and all sorts of stuff. In many cases, I know more personal details about online friends whom I’ve never met than I do about most of my coworkers whom I see 5 days a week. It may sound crazy, but that’s how it is.

    • Josepf

      @MZazeela Have you ever heard of the book “SuperConnect” by richardkoch ? It’s subtitled “Harnessing the power of Networks and the strengths of weak links” In parlance of the book, most SoMe connections are weak links. However, not all weak links are created equal. Koch asserts that you do have to actually meet someone face-to-face in order for a long-term beneficial weak link to become established.

      I think that Twitter and Facebook are “pushing” this assertion to some degree. We can very much feel like we know someone having never met face-to-face. With that said, so far my most “productive” weak links are from people who I’ve both met and “paid it forward” to. Am keeping track of this using Hashable & Nimble as part of a 2 year study. Any thought you have on it over time are sincerely appreciated.

  • Faryna

    Pam writes: “The heartbeat of social is the people.”

    Also: “The heartbeat of social is people sharing life together.”

    So it is. These things and more. The heartbeat of social is people, sharing themselves with each other, and receiving each other as the gifts each, infact, is.

    I am reminded of something my friend, Florin Cosac, says: Help others dream bigger.

    The question I ask myself, right now, is not who did you lift up today? But how many!

    • PamMktgNut

      @Faryna Amen! I love that “help others dream bigger!” You are an inspiration and it’s people like you who truly make social what it is! Have a great weekend and upcoming week!

  • PamMktgNut

    @jeffbullas thanks Jeff! Happy Friday!! :-)

  • Wittlake

    Pam, nicely said. One thing I have seen is social network relationships quickly extend beyond just Twitter. People I met via Twitter have become connections I turn to with questions or thoughts. Platform is valuable because it made the initial connection possible, but the people are what keep me coming back.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series and how businesses weave into this fabric of the people. :)

    • PamMktgNut

      @Wittlake So glad you liked it Eric. Yes, I am going to have a blast writing this series. See what happens when “I take my blog back!?” ha haI agree with you in regard to Twitter. It is by far the most valuable platform in our bag of social tools. The connections one can make with just a few clicks and searches is beyond what we would have ever been possible a few yrs ago.

      The best part is absolutely taking it offline. Reminds me we are up to some things I also need to speak w/you about. I am thinking of hosting a webinar soon to let a few folks know what we’re up to and see how you/they might want to participate! I’ll get in touch.. I know where to find you. I think I have everything except your SSN and mother’s maiden name! lol

  • PamMktgNut

    @SociallyGenius Awww thanks!!

  • PamMktgNut

    @markwschaefer thanks Mark! You rock! Happy Friday!

  • SociallyGenius

    Love Love Love this! I’m doing what I can to play the role of an artery and pump positive energy into the social web. I also question whether Google will win the hearts of the masses. You’re right, I post on Twitter or Facebook and the heart beats, people interact with me. When I go to G+, it’s like I went to the prom without a date. Well said Pam.

    • PamMktgNut

      @SociallyGenius Yup, you got it. The prom… that’s a funny analogy. So happy our tweet paths crossed. Keep up the good work. I am proud of all you’re up to!! :)

    • Josepf

      @SociallyGenius yeah, but Tony, you also supper #BaconChat with lewisporetz and isn’t that artery clogging stuff?

      @PamMktgNut great post, well said, now I have to get myself over to your chat this Tuesday night! Looking forward to the series.

      • SociallyGenius

        @Josepf @lewisporetz Josepf, as Al Bundy said best… Nothing burps like bacon! But that #baconchat was a one time deal, I swear :)@PamMktgNut

        • LewisPoretz

          @SociallyGenius @Josepf@PamMktgNut cmon guys… your making me hungry…. #Community #MyPeeps

  • markwschaefer

    @sociallygenius Truly, @PamMktgNut rocks.

  • KatieParvin18

    Love This! Thanks for sharing.

    • PamMktgNut

      @KatieParvin18 Pleasure. Glad you liked it!

  • BejeweledJhazz

    @DisneyInATweet thanks for the RT Dee :)

    • DisneyInATweet

      @BejeweledJhazz you are most welcome!

  • SusieBlackmon

    Yup. I’m part of a beating heart… which pumps furiously at the site of a beautiful Thoroughbred or a cowboy in tight blue jeans. Couldn’t be happier with social media, and the pleasure it brings me. And now there’s Pinterest! I’m not crazy about FB but am devoted to Twitter. Looking forward to your new series. And meeting you on one of your trips to Ocala!

    • PamMktgNut

      @SusieBlackmon Susie you are too funny! You always crack me up and I can NOT wait to meet you in real life one day soon! We will make sure it happens for sure in 2012!! I agree about Pinterest. It’s a lot of fun. Have setup a few accounts for clients. It’s so easy yet so fun. Great platform! Have a wonderful wknd and week ahead! xoxo

  • wordsdonewrite

    @sheconsulting Esta! Hey pretty lady! How’s the photography going in the new year?

    • sheconsulting

      @wordsdonewrite hey beautiful girl, photography’s on hold; dad died on last Sunday from cancer; tomorrow last day Shiva. Hasn’t hit yet :-/

      • wordsdonewrite

        @sheconsulting I am SO SORRY to hear that, Esta. Truly. My thoughts are with you during this extremely painful time.

  • Jason__Ramsey

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    The Heartbeat of Social Media (great post) by @PamMktgNut /@wordsdonewrite @sheconsulting

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      RT @2morrowknight The Heartbeat of Social Media (great post) by @PamMktgNut /@wordsdonewrite @sheconsulting

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    @JenFolger So happy to hear such! Great to have you join us. #getrealchat

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    @JessicaNorthey Good morning Jessica :)

  • Fabrizio Faraco

    I feel this the only way. It’s also the only viable way fro business. The net per se is democratic and democracy could not be efficient, but is effective. So the same is for social media: if you bring value and your heart you gonna be true and alive at the end. I had several experience where something apparently against common procedures produce enormous success because involved the heart more than just the head or the squared head of some C-level guru

  • WTG_Online

    Great blog post Pam! The Heartbeat of Social Media via @PamMktgNut

  • Beth Trejo

    This is a great article and I think more people need to realize social media really is about the things we learned in grade school: be nice to others, respond to people when they talk to you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Look forward to the rest of your articles.

    • PamMktgNut

       @Beth Trejo Amen, everything we need to know about being social in social media we learned in kindergarten. It truly is not rocket science ;)

  • Tony Giovanni

    It is human nature to want to connect, feel needed, be acknowledged, be understood, appreciated for what we accomplish and contribute to our small circles and ecosystem as a whole. GREAT STUFF <3 IT

  • tedcoine

    @PamMktgNut Pam, we should chat, since we’re neighbors & all…

    • PamMktgNut

      @tedcoine Absolutely! I guess I didn’t know or forgot you’re in Naples! Yes, we have some upcoming events planned we could team up on!!

      • tedcoine

        @PamMktgNut Brilliant! You’re on ;)

  • Milaspage

    An absolutely outstanding post, you’re right on all counts and I love the way you have laid it out plain and simple. Everything starts with people. People create movement. We should always ask ourselves what we are doing, how are we contributing and stay on our paths. Communities we belong to are so valuable, we need to always remember what we are a part of and keep connecting and sharing! Thank you for this post, love it!

    • PamMktgNut

       @Milaspage thanks so much. I like what you state in that “people create movement.” Very true. The power of one action that stimulates one more, then one more is what causes movement in communities. Yet, underneath it all is a moving ground that is beating. It’s the caring for people as real people that keeps both the foundation and day to day interactions alive.  Wow, thanks for taking me to a new dimension  of the conversation.  Love it! 

  • LewisPoretz

    Pam – you have touched on the very essence of “social”, that being communities or as others may call them, ‘tribes’ . Looking forward to this series and highly suggest anyone just starting out or struggeling with engaging online do the same.

    • PamMktgNut

       @LewisPoretz Thanks and glad you liked it. I am working on a post I have had brewing for awhile (since I started this series.)  Almost ready to pull the pieces together. Stay tuned… 

  • LewisPoretz

    @Josepf you sure are looking awful dapper these days J ….. u mostly staying north of the border ?

    • Josepf

      @LewisPoretz yep, pretty much, will be in NYC then Philly next week and Buffalo week after

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  • Tony Giovanni

    above by PamMktg

  • Laura Hudson

    My coined motto is, “It’s not just who you know – it’s how well you know them.” It’s all about connection. Can’t wait to read the series!

  • TC Galltin

    Excellent post!

  • airport_girl

    @PamMktgNut you have email from my #Hersheys contact! Keep me posted!

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  • PamMktgNut

    @MJGottlieb thanks! Yes it’s been a realty fun series to write. At the end of the day it really does all come back to ppl & relationships.

    • MJGottlieb

      @PamMktgNut U R welcome! &Yes it sure does! Looking forward 2 the next post in the series! :-)

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  • JohnRichardBell

    RT @PamMktgNut What do you think the heartbeat of social media is #socialmedia #sm #community >>You nailed it, Pam

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