get real chat smallForrester’s David Cooperstein and IBM’s Tami Cannizzaro joined us for an intensive and highly educational chat about the marketing revolution taking place in organizations of all sizes who want to integrate social media into the DNA of their business for real results.

The days of the CMO scheduling the marketing calendar, attending events and focusing on brand refreshes are over and done. Times are changing and CMOs must work cross organizationally, roll up their sleeves and partner with their CIO, CTO, head of sales and the list goes on. Integration and brand humanization are not options but requirements to survive in the new world of integrated social networks that have no off button.

You can view the highlights of the transcript below. For more information on the background of the chat as well as both David Cooperstein and Tami Cann’s professional profiles you can view them here. “Marketing Revolution: What CMOs Need to Know

December 11, 2012 Chat Notes
Our guests were:
David Cooperstein, Vice President, Practice Leader – Chief Marketing Officer & Marketing Leadership, Forrester Research @minicooper
Tami Cannizzaro, Director of Marketing, IBM @tamicann