We don't just talk about social media, we LIVE it!


We don't have to hire social media gurus to teach us what to do or help build a strategy for your business.  We have been using social media before it was called social media. Social media is in our DNA. We know how it works, how to use it as a competitive and integrated marketing weapon to grow your business.

We have grown our business, our network and our lives with much success attributed to social media. We build authentic relationships based upon authentic content that connects people emotionally to business.

If you are looking for an agency who knows how to walk the walk and not just talk the talk then you've found it. Any doubts, check us out for yourselves.  Simply do a search for FruitZoom or PamMktgNut (our founder) on Google.  There you will find your answer.

We don't just focus on the technical and tools.  We help you build tribes, communities that work for you.  We help you work smarter and even eliminate marketing activities that are not producing positive return for your business.  It's not about “how can I find the time for social media?”  It's “what can I not do that social media can do better and with a positive ROI?”

We do everything from social media consulting, plan development, corporate training, customized training, social media seminars to augmenting or staffing your entire team of social media and marketing experts.  We can do as little or as much as you need us to do.

build a platform for business not a set of tools

Social media is NOT free! It will steal your greatest asset which is time and money.  Anybody can teach you how to use the social media tools.  Can they teach you how to use the tools to obtain a positive ROI? Or how about engaging your audience? Inspiring them? Connecting with them? And last what about achieving objectives that help you increase revenue, brand equity and enjoying life?

Wouldn't it be nice to have your website and social media platforms work harder than you do? Well, that is exactly what we do at FruitZoom.  We will help you develop a platform for business.  A platform that enables you to inspire, connect and engage your audiences in an authentic and meaningful way.  We will help you build relationships with your target audiences.  We'll help you implement content and brand strategies that inspire your audience to take action from one simple tweet!

It's not about how much you know of the bits and bytes of the social media tools.  Yes that is a foundational knowledge we will help you obtain.  However, what matters most is that you learn HOW to leverage social media to support your BUSINESS!

play on their playground

To rise above the noise you need to reach the right audience where they socialize with a compelling message and an integrated platform to get them back to your world on your website, subscribed to your email membership program, converting to paid customers and telling all their friends about it!


Many folks setup their facebook, twitter, friend feed or myspace account to then ask…”now what”? What's a tweet if there is no relevant content and nobody on the other end?

We help you create a message platform with content that is aligned with your brand, business and marketing objectives. We give you something to more than tweet about!


Integration is key and can bump your volume high above the noise.

We don't focus on random acts of market twitter, blogs or Facebook ads. As a business leader you already know time is of your greatest asset. We help you maxize each hour spent on social media and ensure your tweets are reaching all those little birds who want to hear your message.

We help you integrate the social media platforms, programs and tactics with your business and marketing strategy. We integrated social media deep into the DNA of your market programs, campaigns and tactics to maximize each customer touch.

Would you like to?

  • Meet your business goals and objectives?
  • Obtain a positive ROI from social media?
  • Benefit from your website and social media profiles working harder than you do?
  • Engage your audiences authentically?
  • Inspire your customers to action that helps you meet your business goals?
  • Increase customer intimacy?
  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Increase brand equity?
  • Increase website traffic?
  • Maximize investment in traditional marketing tactics?
  • Better measure overall marketing effectiveness?
  • Generate leads without purchasing a list?
  • Encourage interaction with your company?
  • Spread the word of your company for free?
  • Get the message out about your company, brand and product faster and louder?
  • Position your company as industry experts by sharing and educating key audiences and anyone willing to listen?
  • Educate yourself and employees on social media best practices and strategies to grow your business?