The other day I shared a cool new Twitter site, Artwiculate.

I am proud to share my silly little TWEET placed in the Top 20!

How does it work?
1. Artwiculate posts a new vocab word per day.
2. Participants TWEET using the word of the day.
3. The tweet is automatically picked up by Artwiculate and posted to their site.
4. Users vote on the best TWEETS right from the Artwiculate page.
5. If you place in top categories you get your TWITTER name in ARTWICULATE lights.
6. You can feel CLEVER!

Gotta luv it. Sometimes I wonder what my great grandparents would think of this post!? My sweet lil' grandma who never got to see a cell phone would probably say “Pam, you've lost your TWEETS!”
9-23-2009 11-57-28 PM