I love how many entrepreneurs are popping up these days.   I believe the down economy is spurring  some great businesses.

A recent report from Kaufman Foundation for Entrepreneurship provides an insight into what makes entrepreneurs tick in their recent “Anatomy of an Entrepreneur“.

Some interesting facts:

1.  Only 4.5% state inability to find traditional employment as motivator.  80.3% state inability to find employment is not a factor at all.

2.  Average age when starting biz = 40.

3.  Likely to come from middle to upper-lower class background.  Few come from extreme wealth.

4.  Well educated.  Less than 5% have less than a bachelor's degree.

5.  Better educated than parents.

6.  50%+ are 1st in family to launch biz.

7.  Significantly more likely to be married with children when launching 1st biz.

8.  Worked for an employer more than 6 years.

9.  Primary motivations for launching biz are wealth, be own boss, and capitalize on biz idea they have.

10. Only 27.9% felt encouragement by a co-founder, entrepreneur  friends or family members played an important part.

Wow… every one of these describes my co-founder and I.  At minimum we seem to be in the “norm” for Entrepenreurs.  What I am interested to know is has this data differed thru the years.  Is it different in a down economy?

Coming from college straight to the “glory dot com” era I remember thinking…”wow this is great” and thought it would last forever.

I was quite fortunate as even though I landed at a couple dot BOMBS I managed to survive in both large and small organizations.  At one company alone I survived 13+ layoffs! I acquired great skills and experience but still never felt 100% satisfied.  I have always been a visionary person who knew where I wanted to go.  I love to see my ideas come to fruition and drive great results.  I guess my only regret is I didn't do it sooner.

What about you?? Are you an entrepreneur who fits the above profile?  Or are you a corporate junkie who has considered leaving the secure corporate walls but hasn't yet had the guts?