Okay…if you are following my blog you are probably already tired of my ARTWICULATE posts?  Or maybe not.

How can I not share…when I won again!?  All it takes is a few seconds to read the word, make up some crazy phrase and post it.

So one post got me top 5 and the other top 20 (again!).  For the next 24 hours I am listed on their front page as a TOP 5 Winner with links to my TWITTER profile which of course links right here my TWITTER bird friends.

So why am I telling you this you ask?  If you are looking for brand awareness, want to increase visits to your site or just want to have a little fun without a whole lot of investment….try it.  These are a few of the simple reasons I love social media.  It took me no time at all, no $$ investment and it's fun!

If you haven't tried ARTWICULATE yet, head on over!  Please let me know when you do and if you win.  I'll share your story and link to your blog just for trying and sharing!  As my 5 yr old says “those who share care, mom!”

Happy ARTWICULATE Tweeting!