Just when we think we have exhausted all the different ways to tweet and add the “w” to our apps, our vocabulary, our screen names so we too can sound like that cute lil' pig cartoon of our childhood…was it Porky or Elmer Fudd?

Okay, I digress…

Check out this cool new site that will challenge your vocabulary daily.  It is called  Artwiculate Not only does it give you a hard word you have probably never heard of…. but you also have to ‘tweet' about it in 140 characters or less.  For many of us who are never short on words, this never gets any easier ;)

Artwiculate site states “helps the clever people look clever and the rest of us learn new words”.    They have a daily contest where people vote on your 140 character tweet.  If you win, you too can have your Twitter name in lights on their page.  We know that's what we all want, right?  To be famous twitterererers. LOL

No really, it is fun to see this type of site.  I'll probably follow them and tweet their proposed words of the day just for kicks.  Maybe you might try it too?   Heck, you could also have your bit.ly counter reach the millions!

Happy Tweeting!