Today was filled with awesome meetings.  So many great discussions.  iStock_000009648196Small

On my drive back to the house this afternoon I was pondering how much technology drives agility, creativity, change and so much more.

I can remember my 1st cell phone. It was the size of TX.  Even though most of you won't admit it…you too use to think you were cool holding it to your ear while driving, even though it was the length of your forearm!? LOL

Anyway, my point is… as I participated in many very cool meetings talking about all the innovative ways we are going to leverage the internet, iphones, communities, and SOCIAL media to drive business growth, community participation and most importantly social good, I realized how much opportunity there is to drive transformation in big ways!   Every person we have met with is just as excited about our business plan as we are!

What excites us most is the agility social media offers.  We no longer have to wait months to build out a website and then all the supporting PR plans, email blasts, newspaper articles, sales pitches to get the message out.  Today it is as simple as a super quick web page linked to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linked In… all done within hours not months! Then, we can develop the supporting traditional media and comms behind it, not wait for it.  Why does this matter?? Because it enables us to get our message out sooner, enlist champions, start the infrastructure build out and leverage those vested in your cause to support the adoption!!

For businesses, does your company processes embrace or discourage social media?  If you are wanting to leverage social media in your marketing back of tricks, it is important you ensure your culture, processes and executive management are ready to do such.  Does your business require too many signoffs, approvals and content revisions that by the time you get the tweet or facebook post approved the opportunity has moved on?  Without embracing the agility of social media you are not reaping the benefits.  You must ask yourself, “why do I want to social media”? Know your objectives.  Don't just get a twitter account and decide you need a stand alone twitter campaign because all your neighbors have one.  Instead, build a twitter campaign that is integrated with the rest of your marketing mix.  You will yield exponential growth for brand awareness, customer touches, adoption, ROI and revenue if you take a little time up front to build the integrated plan.

Because of the agility derived from social media we are more creative, can push change and can transform our communities and cultures with good in very big ways if done right!

I challenge the clients I am working with to look past the traditional objectives for technology, communities and platforms.  How can you leverage what you have developed to not only support your business but to tranform the lives of those around you!?

Have thoughts on this? Please share!