I have always been amazed at the massive amounts of spam. Never understood or took the time to learn what was in it for the crazy spammers.spamguy

A spammer has been fined $16 million by the US Federal Trade Commission. Note, this is after already being fined $100k!

The spam guru, 26 yrs of age and living in Queensland has been fined $16 Million by the US Federal Trade Commission. Why? Because at one point he is believed to be responsible for 1/3 of the world's SPAM!

He had previously admitted to his “spammy tactics” and was fined $100k by a New Zealand Court. The FTC decided that wasn't enough and slapped him with another $16 million. The original $100k fine only related to 2 million emails he and 2 other allegedly sent to New Zealand addresses which netted them $2 million +! Wow! I never knew there was so much money to be made in SPAM! Yikes!

The trio had 35k PC strong bot-net and sent on average 10 billion messages a day pushing prescription drugs!! That is a LOT of SPAM! 3 million complaints were lodged against the spammers in a six-month period against Atkinson's Australian-registered company, Inet Ventures, which was one of four companies peddling prescription drugs targetd by the fTC.

So how did they do it? They had a network of international supply, distribution and payment providers who all benefited from the online sale of prescription drugs.

The Brisbane Times explains the spam scam by saying:

“Servers in China hosted the websites and the drugs were shipped from India, while operatives in Cyprus and the former Soviet republic of Georgia processed credit card information”

So does this mean my spam gmail account will quit burning smoke from overload? Doubtful… he's not the only spammy joker out there.