differentiation stand out from crowdAs we gear up to zoom for the rest of 2010 we must ask ourselves the hard questions. No need to over complicate it. We are in biz to make money, have a better life, save the world.

How do we make money, have a better life, and save the world? That's the discussion today…

The first question the CMO at a Fortune 100 company I use to work use to ask was “So What?”  Even if we were at phase I of product development his question was the same.. “So What?” and “What is the Headline”?  If you didn't get past that question you didn't get to slide 2 of your deck, nor did your product or campaign get funded!

We need to ask ourselves the hard but simple questions.  Why do you do what you do? Why do your customers care? How are you unique and better than your competitors (and be honest)?

What is the “So What” in your biz? What's the SO WHAT in your customer service, product offerings, creative, or whatever it may be.

With social media marketing and networking, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Squidoo, and the million other platforms that are out there…. you have to rise above the noise.  Without answering the “SO WHAT” why should anyone take the time to listen to your story, read your blog, drop by your store, call you for help or care to learn what you can do for them?

With budgets tight it is even more important that your communications and marketing stand out! You need more than a pretty picture.  You need a value proposition that gets to the “SO WHAT” that is going to inspire your customers to connect with you, join your facebook fan page, click on the bit.ly url that leads to your blog.

We also can't blare the same “SO WHAT” to all audiences.  Market segmentation is key in delivering the right “SO WHAT” message to the right audience.  One audience that is inspired by one message may be turned off by another.  Get in their heads, learn what your customers do, want, desire, need and dislike.  Your customers and prospects are your #1 best resource to help you find the real “SO WHAT”!  You might just realize after talking them that what you thought was a “SO WHAT” is really a “NICE TRY”.

If you want your biz to ZOOOOM  you better start working on the answer to this question.  If you need help with identifying, developing or creating marketing content that screams “SO WHAT”  we can help.  For now, join our email subscription as I am going to be sharing some unique tips, templates and tricks for subscribers only!

Until then… gotta get to dinner.  My hubby made some awesome “So What” spaghetti that I am very INSPIRED to chow down! Better than the “NICE TRY” mac-n-cheese I made lastnight ;)