Are you ready for 2010?

As we approach 2010 if you haven't already you should be working on your marketing plan. All businesses need a marketing plan. During a down economy it is even more important that your target customers know you exist, what you offer and how you can help their business.

Below are a few questions to help you get started. If you don't have the answers to all of them, it's okay. You need to start somewhere. A marketing plan is somewhat like a puzzle. Plug in the answers that you do know and continue to research and work on those that you don't.

2010 kick start questions:

  1. Do you have a marketing plan that supports your business goals?
  2. What is your marketing budget?
  3. Do you have a target ROI on your marketing investment?
  4. Do you have a marketing campaign calendar?
  5. What is your advertising strategy?
  6. What is your sales strategy?
  7. What marketing mediums will you use to best support your marketing and business goals?
  8. What other companies can you partner with for integrated campaigns and advertising to reduce cost and maximize impact?
  9. What updates are needed on your website to support your marketing strategy and plans?
  10. Is your website representing who you are and what you do?
  11. Are you ready to leverage the latest social media and internet marketing to take your business to the next level?
  12. Do you have a social media plan? If yes, who is responsible for executing, reviewing and tweaking as needed?
  13. If you do have plans to leverage social media, what will you say? How are you going to inspire and connect with your target audiences?
  14. Are you LISTENING in the world of social media? Chances are there are things being said about your company, good and bad. Do you know what they are?
  15. What is your social media policy?
  16. Who will execute your social media tactics?
  17. Do you know who your customers are?
  18. Do you know who your top competitors are?
  19. Who are your top partners or potential partners you could be working with to grow your businesses?
  20. Do you know your unique market positioning? What are you key differentiators?
  21. What are you going to offer your customers that help them grow their business or enhance their life personally?
  22. Are you leveraging your expertise? Could you write a whitepaper and use as a call to action in a multi-touch campaign?
  23. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
  24. Do you know how you are going to grow and maximize your brand equity and presence to grow your business?
  25. Do you know how many customers you have in your database? Are you marketing to them via the proper mediums such as email, social media etc.?

orangecarIf you already have the answers to the above questions, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are off to a great start.

If not, please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. We can help you develop a marketing plan that will return positive return and ensure you are ready to hit 2010 at full speed and power.

Our consultation services include market research, focus groups, marketing plan development and review. We can even help you empower yourself or your team to develop your plan. We offer templates, consultation kickoff sessions and checkpoint reviews.

Don't let your competition beat you because you weren't prepared. Invest the time in proper planning and your investment in marketing can return exponential results.