Things have changed. A brand is no longer defined by your vision statement, your logo, your colors, your content, your 50 page slide deck, your glossy $50k collateral, your press releases, your email signature, or the note from your CEO.

Yes, all of the above still matters.  However, your BRAND is more!  It is EVERYTHING you do, say and believe… AND how those that come in contact with your BRAND FEEL about IT (EVERYTHING) AND…. what they decide to tell their “FRIENDS” or their 50,000 TWITTER followers.

If you don't think you need social media… you better think again. Conversations about your brand already happened, are happening and will continue to happen regardless  of if you believe in social media or not.

Note to self: GET ENGAGED in the CONVERSATION – NOW!

P.S.  If you think it's a good thing that people are not talking about your brand and you are “safe”!?  Better think again!

inspire – connect – achieve