You know who you are.  As hard as you try you just can’t get those crazy little blue feathered friends out of your head!

Top 20 Signs you may be addicted to the Twitter bird:

20 You can name the date of the last 3 major Twitter outages.
19. You almost want to cry when someone tells you they don't see value in Twitter.
18. While at a dinner party you are thinking all night “I need to remember to tweet about this”
17. Your @twitter is on your biz card and 2 year old's diaper
16. You wake each morning and go straight to your iPhone or BB with one eye open to TWEET
15. You still get excited butterflies for new Twitter followers and Retweets.
14. Being added to lists really does make you feel special
13.  Your 92 year old grandma, the mailman and the meat cutter all know what Twitter is thanks to you
12. Your mailbox has the @twitter engraved
11. You have been fired for poor performance that can attribute to Twitter
10. You know what a TWIBE, TWEETUP, hashtag, and #FF are.
9.  You have friends you have met on Twitter
8. You have nightmares about someone stalking you on Twitter since your social media profile is now blasted for the world to see.
7. You have removed someone as a friend simply because you couldn’t stand to look at their avatar pic anymore!
6. You are becoming a being filled with useful (and some not so useful) factoids, all from Twitter.
5. You have added the Twitter bird to your company logo.
4. You Dressed as Twitter bird for Halloween or wish you would have
3. You visit Google daily to search your @Twitter just to confirm SEO is still working
2. You have dreams about Twitter birds (all the time)!
1. If you had to choose Chocolate or Twitter for a whole day with no interruptions, you would choose TWITTER!

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