I hear the question many times…”I know content is important… but what do I write about?”

As I always say… go back to the reasons you are in business.

Below are some questions to inspire your content. Note, this is not intended to be  a post on process but an idea generation phase.  Sometimes that's all you need… the inspiration to write good content.  Taking it to the next level of content development will also require both science and art. Hire a professional once and you can benefit from the output for years to come.  Create once, use many is our philosophy!

1. Don't Get Frustrated!

Unless you are a trained marketer, copywriter or simply gifted writing probably doesn't come that easy.  Don't be hard on yourself.  Chin up, smile on and content game on friends! You can do this!

2. Start a Solo Mini Brainstorm Session:
Instead of getting frustrated or bummed out… go to a quiet place even if for only 15 minutes.  Get out a pen or a laptop and start making notes.  Make a list of the reasons you are in biz.  What motivated you to start your biz?  Answer the questions below for starters.

Let me know at minimum if this list inspires you about topics you can Tweet about, include in your blog, on collateral, or FAcebook.  Remember CONTENT is KING…BUT it only reins when it is relevant! Dig into your customers head, get to know them and yourself and you will become more relevant in all that you do!

3. Answer the WHY question:
Make a list of the reasons you are in biz.  What motivated you to start your biz?

a. Why do you do what you do?
b. If you cold accomplish anything in your biz what would it be?
c. What is unique about your biz, offering or product? (in marketing we call these differentiators)
d. Why is it unique?
e. Why is your biz better than competition? (be honest!)

4. Customer Focus:
a. Why should customers care you exist? What is the value you provide to them?
b. What does your product do to make their life better?
c. What are the benefits to your customer? Group them into categories such as emotional, business, professional, financial etc.
d. How do you currently make your customers feel?
e. If the answer to “h” above is negative, how do you WISH they would feel?
f. What does your biz help your customer do better? Perform, deliver better customer service, business or personnel efficiencies, peace of mind, financial etc.
g. How do you make your customers life difficult? This could be purposeful or not.  If you are a dentist, yes you bring on pain of the mouth but that's not avoidable.
h. What do customers like most about your biz? If you don't know, ask them!
i.  What do customers like least about your biz?

5. Where are you GOING?
a. What do you want to be when you grow up?
b. Where do you want to be when you grow up?
c. Why do you want to grow up?
d. Why do you want to change from what your biz is today? Do you really need to? If yes, document how and why?
e. What does your biz look like in 1 yr, 3 yrs, 5 yrs, 10 yrs if money was no object?
f. What does your biz look like if it were to fail? What would be the cause?

5. What is the INDUSTRY SAYING about your line of business?
What publicity exists that you can ride the coat tails on? Research local media via newspapers, social media.  Tag on to what is hot.
b. What positive changes is your industry making in your local community?
c. What are industry partners doing that you could become a part of? Could include local charity events, sponsorships etc.
d. Are you part of the industry buzz? If not, insert yourself and engage!
e. What are political leaders saying about your line of biz?
f. Do a search on your line of biz and industry on Twitter, Google, Facebook.

6. Read, Learn, Read and learn some more.  Become a sponge for data.

The more you know about yourself, your customers, the industry the better you will be able to articulate and write amazing content that reaches deep inside the emotional heart, intellecutal brain and soul that will connect you with your customer.

Get to know them, INSPIRE them and then CONNECT with them.

You must first Inspire to Connect and Achieve in Social Media!