How did you get to where you are in your life and career? Did you do it by yourself? Or did you have people who believed in you? Did you have people who gave you a chance maybe even when you didn't deserve it or have the exact skills?

As I look back on my life and career I can remember many people who helped me get to where I am today. For the few that pushed me down there were 10 more who gave me a chance.  They were the gems that helped build who I am, spent hours white boarding the data center when I worked at GE, StorageTek and Sun Microsystems and Hitachi. They are the ones who gave me the tough projects, put me over my head in work.  Why? Because they wanted to? Because they believed in me?  Why? Maybe because someone did the same thing for them?

Today I am headed to a local University to teach social media to some interns for a non-profit project we are doing. We will be teaching a group of 36 interns what to do and not do with social media.  We'll also be setting some key objectives for a local non-profit, ECHO. Echo helps those in desparate need of help.  They provide temporary relief for families when crisis happens.  The help includes 7 days of food, 12 outfits for each family member and household goods as appropriate.

Yesterday I spent the entire day with the Brandon Chamber Leadership 2010 Team. We are working on several social good projects, spend time in the community, connect with top biz and government leaders.

Yesterday as we conversed with local educational leaders, I was reminded how important it is we remember to share our learnings.  There are many programs I wasn't aware of where I can get involved in the local schools, teach them skills they can use for life.  Or I can simply offer hope.  Be a smiling testimony that hard work, dedication and wings of an angel will get you where you want to go.

I think sometimes we get so stuck in our own world of Tweeting, Facebook, Content development, websites, logos, WordPress themes and more that we think the whole world knows and live tweets and twits.  The truth is they don't.  There are young and old people who want to learn what you know.  By spreading your wing, you can teach people skills that can help them land a job and possibly change  their life forever.

That is what a wing does.  It lifts you up and takes you to places you couldn't go otherwise!

So I challenge you today… if you are not currently a wing for someone needing lifted up, be one!  There is guaranteed to be someone who could use your skills and your hope to help them FLY!