This post idea was incubated by both a funny photo as well as what seems like 1 million conversations with biz owners and leaders.

Question for my social media buddies:  How many times have you heard the statement….
“I don't really need social media for my biz.  What we're doing is working fine”.

This statement is equivalent to “I'm cool without it”.

So, here are 20 reasons why you could be “COOLER”!  Please add your own, funny or serious!

20. Only cool people do social media.

19.  You will eventually get goosebumps when you get one hour of uninterrupted TWEETING!

18.  Your kids will think you are coolER.

17.  You can dress as Twitter Bird for Halloween! (Not that I know anybody who did! LOL)

16. There is more to Facebook than Mafia Wars, BeJeweled & Farmville. You can be like a ROCKSTAR and get real live FANS!

15.  You will spend less time on the phone, on the road, with your spouse, with your kids, at church and at the gym due to your new social media addiction!

14. Even your kids will start talking in a special twit and tweet language.  They might even produce their own video.

13. Tweeting while on the cardio machine, in spin class and in the elementary school car line is cool.

12.  Having your blog, twitter feeds, facebook feeds, flickr, AudioBoo all avail via 240 different platforms is very cool.

11. No more worries  about working extra hrs due to a promotion after you accidently tag your boss in Friday night party photos.

10. Follow Fridays are cooler when they happen on Saturday.

9. Dreaming of Twitter birds 3 nights a week is cool.

8. You can meet many cool people just like you with one simple tweet.  They will follow you everywhere you go.  Very cool!

7. Learning to code Facebook FBML, Static Content and more is cool.

6. You won't get bothered so much when grocery shopping as the butcher, baker, stocker and cashier run from you as they don't feel as cool as you and can't bear to hear another speech on why they should get on Facebook.

5. Creating lists of social media stars makes you feel cool.

4. Getting put on lists makes you super cool.

3.  Retweeting is the same as saying “what you said is cool dude!” even if you just retweeted it and don't know what you are talking about.

2.You can tweet whatever you want and it will go down in history forever!

1. Butt Tweeting is COOLER than Butt Dialing!