Funny the difference a couple years can make.  As we look back even just 3 years ago, we were still blasting emails, paying millions for ads.  Basically if you didn't have millions you were left to the most manual, slowest of marketing mediums.

With social media it's a new day and a new game.  The best part is to see how even small companies can compete with the big guys.  The same tools the big dogs are using are the same tools the smallest mom and pop shops have access to.  No it's not free per se as some people think but the opportunity is there just the same.

Check out what Best Buy CMO has to say about social media.  It's great to see even businesses such as Best Buy who were just a short time ago some of the biggest contributors of outbound marketing pushing coupons, ads and sales. He discusses the importance of transparency in building trust. Customers dreams can come to fruition via technology, all in the palm of their hand. Time to LIVE DIGITALLY! Love it!

As a marketer who has always had the passion for marketing based on content, relationships, transparency, and inspiring customers to better themselves and their lives… these days of social media are music to my ears.

If you haven't touched social media yet in your biz… it's time folks.  You are missing out big time.  It's not going away, it's here to stay.  Hop on the bus, grab an avatar, a twitter handle and get ready for a fun ride!