So did you do your job today? Or did you spend a day providing for your family, building for your future, putting food on the table and a roof over your head.

Those who follow me know I am a “your glass if half full” kind of nut.

So wouldn't take you long to guess what my answer to the first question is. Yes, I tweeted today, I met with clients, I worked more than 10 hours and am still working. However, was it just a day at the job? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Check out this guy. His name is Robbie.  He works for a local hot dog and sub shop called “Franks & Subs”. He has become somewhat of a superstar in our little town.

Why you might ask? He is just a kid holding a sign?

Wrong… he is somebody who is doing more than a job. He is making it his personal passion to make people smile, notice he is standing there and most importantly get people to his store!

He even has a Facebook Fan Page with 800+ Fans in his name loaded with pics and videos. Many have tried Franks & Subs because of his smiling face including my husband!

With each car he smiles, takes the time to look at them eye to eye and has this cute little move he does where he points at the sign and the store.

I have said each time I drive by… “I would hire that kid.. train him and give him an opportunity of a lifetime.” Why? Because he can tweet like a mad hot dog? Nope, because he can inspire others! Heck if he can make himself an overnight success with a hot dog and a sign, imagine what he could do at the Hands of a TweetDeck, Flip Camera and our portfolio of small biz's needing marketing attention!

I have seen many in the same position for other stores and restaurants stand like a bump on a log. They look at it like a “JOB” and certainly don't encourage you to visit the advertising store. In fact they often do the opposite.

So tonight when you rest on the couch to watch the favorite TV show of the day..or you are still sitting working….don't fret and complain about still having one more day tomorrow. You can state you're tired of course! But be thankful you are putting food on the table, have the hands that can type, the eyes that can see and the mind to do it for so many hours of the day.

If you can't be happy about anything with your day of work… then find something where you can. Doesn't always have to be the security of corporate walls, 401k plans or fat paychecks. Instead go buy yourself a half cup of coffee, a hotdog, read the paper and find yourself something you can do with passion! Won't be long before you'll see the cup half full and the hot dog foot long ;)

It's all how you look at it.