What type of social media personality are you? Do you join in the fun? Or are you one of those that likes to sit on the sidelines and take it all in?

Which answer best fits you below? Leave a comment and take the survey to see what others vote too!

1. Middle Lane:
-Likes to be the middle of all the action.  Not too fast, not too slow.  There to help the newbies, yet still keep up with the social media rockstars and jet to the fast lane when needed.

2. Fast Lane:
-You know who you are. You know how to tweet, retweet, hashtag, already got the new Facebook “like” down good. Social media is your name and your game.  Watch out and slow pokes get out of the fast lane as here I come! You have mastered how to use social media for both biz and pleasure!

3. Slow Poke:
-You may be a bit overwhelmed with all the social media noise. You don't know where to start. Or is it you're just happy hangin' in the slow lane. To you could be all those crazies speeding by need to take time to enjoy life!

4. Mini Cooper:
-Don't really care what lane you're in as you know you're stylin' in your Cooper.  You got your iPhone, your bling and tweet at just about anything. Hashtags, retweets that's old news… you're chillin' and grillin' in your new found social media lifestyle.

5. Volkswagon Beetle:
-Life and social media is just another day at the party for you. Your car smiles so why wouldn't you smile all day. You don't care how fast you go as long as you're in the fast or middle lane. You have tons of friends and don't care if you lose followers who think you're nuts. There is more where those came from who will laugh with you!

5. Bike or Hike:
-Forget the car! You like the bike, the rocks and anything that requires a backpack, ropes or an extra tube. You mostly like to blog and only use Twitter so you can grow your already thriving blog biz! The only reason you have Twitter on your cell phone is so you can tweet your friends in case they get lost or fall off a mountain!

6. Bench Sitter:
-You're not too sure what to think.  You are sitting there watching it all go by and deciding if you are ready to jump in or not. You really don't see what all the fuss is about.  You may even be thinking “Social Media… I'm Cool Without IT!”

7. Walker:
Need we say more? Come on… life is too fun not to jump in.  At least get yourself a unicycle!

So what kind of driver are you? Don't be afraid. Just answer! It's anonymous… I promise!

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