The power of  social media, the internet, Facebook, Twitter and the million other networks out there is the information is available at your fingertips!

On the flip side this also means that you need to take the time to learn and understand what is being shared about you.  Just because you have a profile on a social media site does not mean you have to share your life story or mother's maiden name with them.  Share what you want and need to share to support your business objectives.  Sharing your child's 5 yr old birthday party photo is not a requirement to grow your business network.

What you share is your decision.  Don't feel guilty for not showing the world your information!  Protect your data, your family and your life!

Set your objectives up front for each of the social media networks

1.Trust your gut!

2.Know who you are connecting with. Check to see if you know their friends when you receive a questionable friend request

3.Private info = private

4.Adjust privacy settings

5.Monitor suspicious friends, activity & links

6.Don’t be afraid to remove a friend

7.Use Friend Lists to manage and control who sees what

8.Use the Facebook “block” feature

9.Double check how your page is viewed with different privacy settings

10.Keep your wall clean if someone posts bad links

11.Change password frequently

12.Keep password safe. Be careful what apps you share it with.

13.Hide year of birth

14.Protect mobile device

15.  Set the privacy features on your photo albums.  These need to be set on each and every photo album individually.

16.  Ensure that the email you are sharing on the “info” tab is the one you want to share publically.

17. Good organization up front goes a long way!  Get control of your privacy settings early on.   If you wait until your network is large, it will be more difficult to go back and categorize into groups etc.

18. If there are specific people you do not want to see specific information, set it as such in your profile settings.

19.  Set specific objectives for each of your profile pages. Se the privacy settings in support of your objectives.

20. Monitor friends and their activity periodically