With all the noise about Facebook changing the fan page to a like button it's time to stop and think.

It is far deeper than a simple name change.

Remember in 3rd grade when you would write or receive a note asking someone to like you? Remember how red your face would turn. And remember the anticipation and how hopeful you were that the recipient would select YES if that is the outcome you wanted?  And remember the embarrassment when they selected “NO” and told all their friends about it!?

It's no different today. My son who is in elementary still does the same thing. Luckily he has only one girl who he has been trading notes with since kindergarten.

So really, how is Facebook any different?

We do want people to “Like us”, right?  If we didn't then why would we want them to be a “fan”?

Why do we want them to “Like us”? Because we want to build a relationship, right? No different than the 3rd grade yes or no survey.

Why is it that the “Fan” button made it “feel better? Was it because we could avoid what it is we were really seeking? Fulfilling the need to be needed, appreciated, valued. The need to know that the work we do is useful?

So as we wait for Facebook to give us our way and change the Fan Page back to a Fan page instead of a Like Page maybe just maybe we should accept it for what it is.

Is the issue that it was easier to be a fan of something you didn't really like? Maybe the “like” button is making those who are authentic in social media think about the click a half second longer.  Being a “fan” really didn't mean anything except being a fan.  LIKING someone means more… even if we don't want to admit it does…it does!

Why can't we just simply call it cool, interesting, informative, crazy? If it is a post we are liking then how cool it would be if you could do more than just “like it”!? If you could put a tag on it.

I think we should leave the word “like” for things we really “like”.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the like button? Yes or No?