We all know social media is a revolution.  It is changing the way we think, sell, talk, market, advertise and COMMUNICATE!  People seem to be focused on the task, the tool, the activity.  Yet, the revolution is the change of human behavior.  The way we inspire, connect and achieve our objectives.

Lately I have had too many people to count ask me the question:  “do you have 5 minutes?”

Even though I am usually known as “Ms. Communication” even I am starting to despise those 5 words!  Why? Because there doesn't seem to be any such thing as a 5 minute conversation!

However, as you dig deeper the issue isn't that people don't really stay true to the 5 minute conversation.  The real problem is in the fact that communication is evolving and not all people are evolving with it.   People are so hungry for communication that once they get you on the phone all be darned if they are going to let you go in 5 minutes!

My belief is what this is doing is killing the benefits of real-time communication.  I for one have a list the size of the Mississippi that I need to “call back” to have a “5 minute conversation”.  Yet, to complete all calls on the 5 minute list would take a week or more!

First things first…. do NOT get me wrong. There is no better dialogue than a face to face or voice to voice conversation for most objectives.  I am a believer in open, honest communication.  I am by no means stating that social media should ever replace communication that does not involve a twitter bird.

However, what I am stating is that I think it is starting to do just that.  The scariest part is that I am one of the people who like it! Yes, Ms. Communication.

I am starting to appreciate the 140 character limit.  I like the directness. I like that it forces people to tell me what they want, when they want it in 140 characters or at max a few tweets or direct messages.

I love how easy it is to smell a rat on Twitter and how wonderful it is when you find the sweet orange who inspires you with a simple 140 character tweet.  I for one love both the art and science of social media.

There are people I am partnering with on some very big joint ventures  that I have met on Twitter, have never met face to face yet I know better than the neighbor across the street.

I find this simply fascinating!  I love the study of human behavior and the correlation to social media and communications.  Social media is here to stay and regardless of if we like it or not, it is changing the way we communicate… even for the Mr. and Ms. Communication types.

I am very interested to know your thoughts. How is social media changing your communication style? What impact is it having on your relationships in professional business as well as personal?  Are you finding ways to effectively leverage the new era of communication twitter and tweets? Or are you one that is getting left behind not sure what to do as you prefer a simple phone conversation any day over a tweet?

Please share your comments.  Oh and yes, a Tweet works too! ;)