Mama always taught me…”when life throws you lemons all ya' gotta do is find a way to make lemonade.”

I am short on time this morning but wanted to get a quick post up as I know it could be this moment you need a boost of inspiration!

Today I received the recorded version of my interview on the “Emerging Business Leaders to Watch” Show. It is going to be part of a segment in Inc Magazine in a fall issue. You can check it out  here.

What a difference a year makes. My story will be shared in a very real way in the upcoming book I am co-authoring with Mari Smith, Nick Nanton and other international social media experts so I can't spill the beans too much today.

It is crazy to think just one year ago this week I was still in corporate, about to leave forever! I can remember on my birthday, the 15th that I was working so hard I didn't have time to celebrate my own birthday with loved ones who wanted to do such. I can remember taking a short lunch at the local fast food chinese place with some co-workers and my kiddos as we were terrified of being out of the office too long. I can remember working thru dinner on my birthday and not being able to do the birthday date thing with hubby.

I knew at that time, that week, one year ago something had to change. Corporate, CEOs focused on the bottom line with no regard for people had eaten away at who I was. Had eaten away at my dreams, passions and life. It was like I was going thru the motions but wasn't part of it. The life in me, the passions for my dreams was slipping away for the reliance on a paycheck.

I am in awe of how God has worked in my life the past year. I knew a year ago he had a plan for my life. A new chapter that was starting. It wasn't a coincidence that my first client I consulted for was Crossing Church, a large local church that is truly rockin' God's Kingdom! I can remember walking into their front doors with God right beside me. I knew right then and there an entrepreneur is what I was meant to be. They helped me build my business. They helped me test my processes. But most importantly they loved on me. I can remember sitting with the table of executive pastors the first day and at the end of our meeting them saying “we love you,” “this is awesome, you are God sent.” What a change this was from most recent job of being told by the chief everything but such.

It was August 17th, 2009 we incorporated. On November 11, 2009 we officially launched our business with a huge celebration at the local Chamber of Commerce. There we had a room full of folks we had genuinely connected with. We inspired them and they inspired us. I will never forget the first friendships formed in that group. What an amazing group of people.

From the day I made the decision to go for the entrepreneur goal I never once looked back. That was it. It was the only way. There was no plan B. Only a Plan A that had to succeed. Did we and do we still have struggles? Did we and do we still have a long way to go? Of course we do! However, if you give up when it starts to get hard you'll never reach what God has waiting for you on the other side.

So this week I am going to make a multi-day post and video series to celebrate one year since I left corporate! This is the first.

My first tip for you is to: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Do not look back and believe the words someone told you (unless they build you up). Look forward my friends and reach for the stars!