social media grandma If only I knew then what I know now.  What would I do different?  How would I be living my life?

What if what you knew now  you knew the same day you started social media? Would you approach it any different?

There are many things the generations before us could offer.  In reality social media is no different than the social circles that existed in the 20's, 50's, 70's and even 80 ‘s.  Yes, the same rules apply.  Just executed on a different platform and at a higher volume.

We ran into Great Granny Walton.  She validated our thoughts and shares some words of advice below.

50 Tips Granny Never Told You About Twitter & Social Media Etiquette

  1. Just because someone follows ya' does NOT mean they are your true friend.
  2. Twitter, tweets, twits…. it's really all the same but only the newbies use the word twit.   Don't call anyone a twit.
  3. Be a friend to get a friend.
  4. Share. Don't hoard yer stuff.  Share even with yer competitors. Ya' need good people on yer team.
  5. Don't keep all yer good content to yourself.  Content is to social media like honey is to cornbread.
  6. Automated direct messages (DMs) are not cool.  You will lose friends.
  7. When ya' sign up fer Twitter and start receiving what you think are Twits just for you… don't get too excited.  They're not.  You followed them.   They're just sending them to the twittersphere for anyone who will read and listen.  Remember you followed them only because Twitter told ya' to when you signed up!
  8. Do NOT waste those social media consultants time and money meetin' for a free lunch to milk their brain.  It's darn right rude if ya' have no money and/or no plans to ever use their service.
  9. If ya' got a bad gut feeling about a url and their avatar looks like yer wild Aunt Lucy.. DO NOT CLICK! Chances are you'll end up with a crazy virus like yer Aunt Henrietta!
  10. It's better to give than to receive.
  11. Give with no intention of getting something in return.
  12. Addiction to social media does not equal expertise.
  13. Find a good mentor.  Scratch their back.  Support their goals. Listen and learn!
  14. Perfection is the enemy of good. Just get out there and engage!
  15. All Tweeters do not look exactly like their avatar.  Chances are the super hot ones are also super “hot” at Photoshop!
  16. A wordpress blog is as good as ya' need to get started.
  17. A retweet is not the same as a retreat and is not as good as my meatloaf reheated!
  18. When ya' retweet someone's tweet put a RT in front of their Twitter handle (name).  Don't pretend it's yours if it's not!
  19. Social media will not save your biz by itself! Get yer plan together and get integrated.
  20. Plan yer work and work yer plan.
  21. Do NOT tweet the same thing over and over.  Just because you wrote a cool blog post, ya' don't need to tweet it 100 times in one day
  22. Red alert for twitter addiction.  Don't miss supper for a few more tweets.
  23. It's not the number of followers ya' have but the quality of the relationships.  Quit counting.
  24. It is not just money and number of followers that matter in life.  Focus on yer friendships and good stuff (content) and you'll be just fine!
  25. When in doubt simply be you and be real!
  26. Even though it says “what are you doing” you do not need to answer that exact question. Talk to people about real life.
  27. Whatever ya' do, do NOT leave the default avatar on any social media profile.  Ya' got a pretty profile and teeth.  Let em' shine!
  28. All websites and blogs are not Mayberry town.  A pretty website does not always equal pretty people on the  inside.
  29. Don't believe everything ya' read! There are a lot of liars in them there blogs!
  30. Don't trust someone just because they “like” you on Facebook.
  31. Manage your privacy on Facebook.  If you don't, nobody else will.
  32. If you are boring in real life, you'll probably be a dud in social media.
  33. Find your passion and you probably won't be quite so boring.
  34. Don't just focus on the Twitter TOOLS! Keep it simple silly.  Listen and learn!
  35. Don't be shy! Sittin' there behind that avatar hiding for 6 months won't get ya' anywhere!
  36. Don't try to figure everyone out.  There are lots more crazy birds now then there was when I was yer age!
  37. Leave yer ego at the tweet door! If ya' like an article, retweet it! Tell the author you like it.
  38. Remember uncle Bernie lost a finger in that ol' typewriter.  You will lose braincells if you sit at that twitter too long.
  39. It is just darn right rude to auto DM when Tweeters follow ya'!
  40. Don't talk to every clerk in town about yer Twitter problems.  Clarice at WalMart told me you are always talkin in yer twitter twatter jabber.  Seriously why don't ya just ask how her broken hip is healin' up!?
  41. Quit worrying about what people think.  Be real.  Be authentic. Or don't be!
  42. You do not have to comb yer hair before ya' tweet!
  43. Being a GEEK is okay.  Embrace it. Love it.
  44. Don't pick fights.  Don't be afraid to have an opinion.  Just be nice when ya' do.
  45. If a bully comes after ya' walk away.  If he hits ya hard it's just  because you're gettin' popular and he's jealous.  Just kick em' hard one time if he won't stop.
  46. Put down that iPhone during dinner. Papa threw yer cousin Johnny's  iPhone in the ice tea pitcher last time he took it out!
  47. If you are going to cheat a social media consultant out of 2 hours to “pick their brain” with no plans of buying… at least pay for the lunch and let them choose where ya' go!
  48. Get a life! There is more to life than Twitter.
  49. Quotes are the #1 retweeted content on Twitter.
  50. Did I say auto DMs are for the birds?! Don't do them!

Your Turn
What do you wish you knew when you started social media that you have learned since? What would your granny tell you if she was here and could teach you a lesson on social media?

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