Coming back to update this young girl has been found. Mom just received a call from the local Sheriff's office and is headed there to pick her up.

Thanks to all who helped tweet, facebook and get the word out.

Praise God she is safe and on her way home!

Just received a message from a local Chamber of Commerce that there is a 16 year old girl missing. She was last seen on Satuday in the Summerfield area.

She was last seen getting in a Blue Toyota Camry with a white male.

There are unconfirmed leads that the owner of the vehicle may be from the Thonotassa area. If you know anything please call the local police immediately. You can also reach the heart broken mother at 813.468.3000. You can also connect with the mother at

I can veryify this is not a hoax. Yoemy the mother is active in the community.

Prayers are requested please.

I could not find a news story to link to which is why I posted this blog post. Didn't know what else to do.

If anyone knows best practice ways we can get the word out on this missing girl please share. Not sure if there are specific organization already on Twitter, hashtags etc. we can leverage to get the word out in a big and fast way. Every hour counts.

I thank you in advance for your help and prayers.