Imagine yourself relaxing on a nice warm, sandy beach.  Toes are dipped in the water.  You can hear the waves crashing against the rock nearby.  The loud tourist with 2 kids seems 2 miles away vs. the 10 feet behind you.

A bottle hits your toe.  You look down to find an air tight bottle with a bright pink piece of paper inside.

What do you feel? Hmmm… probably a bit inquisitive, interested and probably even excited!  At this point you probably don't even care what's inside.  You're just excited the bottle came straight to you, almost like you were meant to receive it.  You also like the pink piece of paper and the fact that it is still so nice and dry inside the bottle.  You can see some of the bright blue letters on the paper before you even open it.

What if we could make customers feel this way to receive our messages? Even though we can't deliver them a beach side message in a bottle every time we do an eblast we should pretend that's just what we are doing.

Too many businesses blast out noise.  They think they have to push email blasts, coupons and clutter to our inboxes, facebook fan pages, Twitter Tweets every day for sake of losing your mind share.

Tell me this… would you remember the message in the bottle received beach side or the coupon handed to you as you walked down the beach shops?

Make your message count! Be relevant, concise, personal and authentic.

Make it the best 140 characters your recipient has received today!