social spin class Today I thought I hit my head. I made it to 5:15 am spin class. Not 5:15 in the afternoon, yes 5:15 in the morning. Before the kids and hubby woke up. Even my dog was still sleeping.

As I got my morning spin groove on I noticed a big difference in the performance of my fellow early morning bikers.

I grouped them into three categories.  Three categories we can learn from in relation to social media.

Which biker are you in business, in social media and life?

The Focused:

  • They were one with the bike, the music and their body.
  • They knew the Les Mills RPM format and anticipated each song as I did.
  • They were sweating and 100% into their workout.
  • They knew why they were there.
  • They did their research. Had the right equipment, right form to drive the most benefit.
  • They had the right shoes.
  • The had the right towel, and the water bottle that fit in the bottle holder.
  • They sat under the ceiling fan as they knew even though they were freezing cold when they walked in they would soon be over heating.
  • These were the most fit.
  • They have a plan and execute well when it comes to fitness.
  • They weren't just spinning wheels. They were executing by burning fat and developing lean muscle.
  • They weren't there to impress anybody.
  • Even though they were focused, quiet at times they were a part of the community.
  • They engaged. Some of them laughed and sang. Yet they did it at the right times and knew the words.
  • They didn't have to say much. Their actions and focus said enough. Silent leaders is what they were.
  • They inspired the rest of the class to do better.

*They were equivelant to the real social media experts who don't have to tell they world they are such, they just are. These bikers didn't call themselves gurus or avid cyclist. They simply did what they did and it brings them joy and benefit.  In business they would probably be the folks who know how to put a comprehensive social media and marketing strategy together. They would ask top dollar as they know their skills are worth such. They would bring in partners and deliver with confidence, on time and on budget.

The Cruisers:

  • These folks knew the ropes
  • They were somewhat serious but not as much.
  • They were split 50/50 in regard to wearing the right spin shoes. If they didn't have spin shoes it didn't matter. They knew how to tighten the traditional straps.
  • They definitely had a towel, the right bottle.
  • They knew enough to be confident.
  • They maximized their time in class. They burned calories and had fun at the same time.
  • They were open and friendly.
  • They engaged. They laugh and they sang. They didn't care if they knew all the right words. They sang their heart out.
  • They too inspired others.
  • They worked hard but also had fun.
  • They didn't need to be perfect. Their bodies weren't perfect and they probably don't care. They are there to be healthy, lose a few pounds and have fun.
  • Most of them laughed or talked during the class. They were a community. They knew the instructor, and he knew them.
  • They inspired the rest of the class to do better.
  • They helped the newbies feel comfortable.*They were equivalent to most social media or marketing consultants who know enough about business to help client, to drive return on investment. They are superstars in life and business in their area of expertise. These are the folks who may or may not be able to help you with a comprehensive strategy. My guess is these would be the people that wouldn't be afraid to tell you if they didn't know how to do something. They would offer to bring in a partner.  Life is to be enjoyed and they would value your long term business more than making a quick buck off of you.

The Smart Newbies

  • These folks didn't know the ropes.  They weren't afraid to admit it.
  • They asked for help.
  • They weren't afraid to let someone help them with their shoe strap or adjust their bike.
  • They were humble.
  • They immediately became part of the community.
  • Even though they were new they had the objective to maximize time spent. They were not there just to spin wheels.
  • They inspired each other. They even inspired the focused and cruisers to do better.
  • They laughed, sang the songs and cruised along with the rest of us.
  • They also had sweat dripping.
  • They were happy when it was done.
  • They felt accomplished and learned new skills they'll take with them and share with the next newbie who needs their help.
  • They realize they are still in training and not afraid to admit it.

*They were equivalent to a social media or marketing newbie eager to learn. Humble and not willing to bite off more than they can chew. These people are often mentored by the best. People will take them under their wing to help them due to their authenticity, genuine eagerness to help and be real even in their weaknesses. These people have potential to be superstars in whatever they do in business and life.

The Clueless Newbies

  • These folks obviously didn't have a clue what they were doing.
  • Sad thing is they pretended they did.
  • When the instrustor asked who was knew they didn't raise their hand. Yet their bikes seats were adjusted wrong and they were still fiddling with their feet straps.
  • They turned their bike tension too high from song #1 and wore themselves out by song #3.
  • They didn't openly listen to instruction as they thought they knew what they were doing.
  • Two of the three clueless newbies only lasted until song #5 of 8.
  • They were spinning wheels but not getting anywhere. They didn't know what to do and didn't care to learn. They stood up with legs straight, didn't bend over, didn't keep shoulders relaxed. The ignored the instructor for the most part.
  • They didn't know the norms and didn't attempt to learn them.
  • When they left they didn't wipe their bike, didn't adjust the seats back up like we are asked to do.
  • They didn't join the community.
  • They didn't smile.
  • They didn't laugh or sing.
  • They were too busy being an “expert” that they lost sight of what they were there for.

*They were equivelant to a self made social media guru who in reality is clueless. In business these folks don't join the community. They don't partner with competitors for the good of their customers as to them that would be a sign of weakness. They don't share themselves as then they wouldn't look so good. They don't engage. They think they are secure yet appear very insecure on the outside. If only they would admit they too need to learn and join the community they would reap far more benefit than sitting lonely on their bike for a solo ride.

Your Turn!

Where do you sit in the social spin class? Do you sit in the front row, back row or middle? Do you cruise along and join the community? Or do you join the community as a leader ready to help others. Or are you a clueless wonder riding to your own song and your own format as you are afraid to admit you are better as a team with other people.

Don't go it alone folks. Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Being a solo entrepreneur or single social media one man or one girl show  in a big or small company can be lonely.  Admit you need help if you need it.

Join the community. Engage! If you are a leader, the lead. Inspire others to do better.  Help the smart newbies and event the clueless newbies. We all have to start somewhere and just because we now know the social media ropes doesn't mean it's right to make fun of or push down people who don't!

Inspire – Connect – Achieve and WIN!