content marketing to rock your social businessRemember when you were a kid and you would sing your heart out?  I can remember singing in the 5th grade show to the tune of Laverne and Shirley! I sang like I was going to be on the next season of Brady Bunch.  Didn't matter that I couldn't sing, just that I was there doing what I did and having fun!

What is the song for your business?  Are you singing your heart out?  Or are you hiding in the back row because you forgot the words or feel intimidated by the false belief you have no chance of competing in the big market?

We need to go back to the reasons, the dreams and passion behind why we do what we do!  Think back to the days you started your business or your career.

What made you want to start your business?  What were your dreams?  Make a list of these things and hang them on your wall.  When you have a hard day, look at them, remember them, relive them and sing them to the world!

If you've forgotten the words, then find them.  If your words need updated then update them with some refreshed lyrics, album cover and back-up singers.  Refresh your message deck, enhance your colors, rewrite your elevator pitch, refesh your sales deck, add a new custom Facebook landing page, create a custom Twitter background, update your website from the days of Laverne & Shirley to 2010 and web 2.0.

Don't complain that you lack brand awareness, nobody knows who or where you are.  Sing your heart out and let your target audiences know you are ALIVE, Kickin and ready to help them! Hiding in the back row depressed from a bad economy will do nothing for nobody including you and your pocketbook!

Dig in, reinvigorate your passion and start singing!

Are you singing in your business? Tell us what you sing, how you keep singing and inspire others!