social media get in the gameAre you sitting on the sidelines of life? Do you sit on the bench as you watch others jump ahead of you? Are you watching others capture the mindshare, the hearts and the loyalty of the customers that could have been your clients for life?

What is holding you back? Why are you sitting on the sidelines? Why do you think people won't listen to you? Why can't that “someone” you are listening to on a social media or business webinar be you?

What is sitting on the sidelines going to do for you, your business or your life? Does it cost you anymore to try? Does it cost any money to put your heart into it? How about throwing your insecurities on the ground and stomping them?

It is time you get in the game. If you are tired of your current situation then do something about it! The sidelines will do nothing but waste time and leave you with a stack of “shoulda, woulda, coulda's!”

13 Tips to Get In The Game of Life!

1. Say good bye to the past. I don't care what it is, how bad it hurt.  You need to say good bye.  Mean boss told you were worthless? Blow it off.  What does sitting in your sorrow have to do with today or tomorrow? It's over and done. Move on!

2. Look forward. Today is the yesterday of tomorrow. Make it count.

3. Put on your game face. Time to get serious.  It's game time folks.  No more benches, no more sidelines.  Get ready to sweat and play hard!

4.  Hire a coach. Find a mentor, trainer or friend who can be your support system.  This person must be someone who understands you, will take the time to understand your objectives, where you are going and why.  This person must also not afraid to be honest with you.  They can not be someone who will agree with you just because. They need to tell you what you may often times not want to hear.

5. Build your game plan. What are you doing and why? Focus on the objectives, the vision.  WHY do you want to play the game? If you find the why then building the plan will come naturally.

6. No Plan B.  Successful entrepreneurs do not have a plan B.  Plan A is your game plan for business and that's all you need.  Make it work.  Similar to a weight loss program.  If you leave a closest full of clothes that are 3 sizes too big after you lose weight, you'll end up back in them.  If you have to purchase new clothes the same size as your original “big ones” chances are you'll throw out the pizza boxes before a trip to the shopping mall becomes a necessity.

7. Believe in yourself. Find your inner strength. Find your inner passion.  Pick up the book “Crush It” from Gary Vaynerchuk.

8. Tune your skills and technique. If you need coaching, hire a coach.  If you need technical, marketing, social media or other skills then obtain them. Read blogs, Google search it. Chances are if it's social media, marketing or small business knowledge you need then you'll find it for free.

9.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you.  Don't hang with the negative people sitting on the sidelines.  If those are your current buddies, find new buddies.  Build your network and team with go getters. Surround yourself with people who have similar dreams or have already made big steps to achieve theirs.

10.  Take risks. Do not be afraid to take risks.  Be brave.  If you believe in yourself, have a network of folks who believe in you then the risk doesn't seem so scary.  Your network will be there to pick you up when you fall.  The best business leaders have failed over and over.  It's the mistakes that you learn from that make you better.

12. Pick a theme song. If you like music then you probably already have one.  Find a song that inspires you and aligns with your goals.  Load it on your iPod. Make a CD if you have to and stick a copy in your car, your office.  Play it every time you get down to remind you of where you have been and why you don't want to go back there.  Make it a song that keeps you focused on where you are going and why!

13.  Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the bumps, the pot holes and the empty gas tanks.  Every day is not going to be a Sunday stroll in the park.  Embrace the good and the bad.  Find a game partner who can endure the bumps with you.

12 Tips to Get in the Game of Social Media

1. Adhere to the Game of Life tips above.

2. Build your game plan for social media. What are you doing and why? How does it align to your business and life goals?

3. Stop the random acts of social media. If it doesn't align to your goals and objectives then don't do it!  Social media can be a huge time waster if you don't plan.

4. Integrate with your business. Avoid random acts of social media by integrating with your business and marketing plan.  Integrated marketing is the key to a positive return on investment in social media.

5. Engage. Get off the sidelines and engage.  If you've been listening and learning keep doing such but also engage.  Time to tweet, post and write.  Put the fingers on the keyboard and get to typin' friends!

6. Add value. Don't just engage to engage.  Get in the game. Know your game.  Know the role you play and the value you can add.

7.  Connect. Focus on connecting with people authentically.  Don't just tweet them.  Connect with them.  Learn who they are.  Understand what makes them tick. Where are they hanging out in social media? Why are they hanging out there? What are they talking about? How can you best engage and inspire them? Don't focus on your end goal of selling them something.  Focus on being the best team player you can be by adding unique value at each and every play.

8.  Take a gulp of confidence. Remind yourself that you are worthy. With the right training there is no reason you can't be like the folks you've been watching from the sidelines.  Don't let the cyber bullies scare you away from engaging.  For every cyber bully there are 100 good people who will be happy to be your friend as you engage in an authentic way.

9.  Set a goal to be a team leader. Set a goal that in one month, two months or three months you will be a leader that those sitting on the sidelines will aspire to be.

10. Be a team player. Keep a focus on giving. How can you ease burden for your team, partners and customers? How can you make others playing the game feel better, do better and succeed? How can you inspire them?

11. Take breaks. If you need a break take a break.  If you don't know what to tweet or blog about, then head to the beach.  Head to a local networking event.  Sign up for a class.  Do something, anything that gets you out of the house or office. Clear your head and let your mind fill with inspiration from others.  I always find that when I get out with other people I am inspired even more by them to inspire others. It's part of working as a team. Give with no intention of receiving.

12. Reward yourself. When you reach a goal, reward yourself.  Take a break on Friday with the kids, a best friend or spouse.  Eat at a favorite restaurant.  Buy yourself a software program you've been wanting.  Take an afternoon off.  Whatever it is make it something you don't do every day.  Something that will inspire you to work harder.

What's Your Game Plan?

What's your plan to get off the bench? If you're already in the game, what can you do to get others off the sidelines? What tips do you have for the bench warmers?