As we trained a new client on social media yesterday we explained social media  in a simple way that brought clarity and wiped the confused looks off their face.

Social Media as a whole is like one big party.  It's where we can talk, have fun, sing songs, talk over lunch or dinner, tweet about anything your heart desires.  It's basically up to you how you engage, communicate and join the party.

Twitter: A large networking event or party.  It's where we meet and greet.  Opportunities exist to create one to one communications if you wish.  You can be a fly on the wall. You can brag about yourself or your neighbor.  You can hide behind an avatar or you can flaunt your Photoshop glamor queen photo or the latest beach weekend photo if you choose.  It's really all up to you how you engage and represent yourself in the party. Making friends to take to deeper discussions on other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn is an objective for many.

Facebook: The neighborhood.  It feels like home even if you have 1000 of your closest friends sleeping in your garage and peeping in your windows. It's where you talk about business, events, local news and your neighbors dog.  HOA complaints, diaper discussions and lunch menus are all welcome.  You learn more about your next client than you ever thought and possibly desire to know.  Again, it's up to you how you represent yourself.  If you don't share, don't engage you won't be invited to the coffee clubs, kid birthdays or baseball parties.

LinkedIn: A club or group of trusted colleagues.  It's more like a Chamber Group or Country Club membership.  Although we don't pay to join the basic membership of LinkedIn, it requires more credibility to really become part of the community.   Yes, anyone can get a profile.  However,  having recommendations, solid connections and work experience brings credibility.   For me this is where the rubber meets the road.  It's where I get tons of leads because it's a last stop for business leaders who want to check out who I am, what I do and what I've done.  For me it validates all of the above for myself as well as those I choose to partner and do business with.  When I meet a potential partner at a networking event the first place I go to validate who they are is LinkedIn.

social media blog is your open houseBlog: The open house.  The place you invite the community to see your best duds.  You can show off your great art, trophees, news and events.  It's where people can learn who you are on both a business and personal level.  Not quite as personal as Facebook because you clean the house before an open house.  You put on your best show yet try to be authentic.  It's where you share the best of the best that ya' got. The biggest benefit is you don't have to be afraid to talk business. No worries to tick off aunt Martha or cousin Joe for too much Twitter talk.

Your Turn?

What are your Thoughts? How do you view social media as a whole? How do you use the different platforms? Are you part of the club? Do you spend more time in the Country Club, Chamber or neighborhood backyard BBQ?

My co-founder has some interesting thoughts on this and will be writing up a more comprehensive blog post this week.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]