Happy Thanksgiving! Wow, what an awesome year this has been.

I am in awe of what can be accomplished in a short time when you set your mind to it, give God the keys and hold on for a turbo zoom style ride!

I could write a book on all of the things I am thankful for. I will write a longer blog post sometime over the holiday to document such.

However, for now this is my list of the 50 things, people, technology, blessings and more that I am most thankful for.

Yes, there are 1000's more where these came from. However, these are what came to mind in approximately 2 minutes so.

  1. My God.
  2. My family
  3. My husband
  4. My children
  5. My friends.
  6. My doggie.
  7. My health.
  8. My clients.
  9. My business.
  10. The beach.
  11. Material blessings.
  12. Our business partners.
  13. Ability to create.
  14. Ability to write, type, tweet, and Facebook.
  15. Ability to be crazy authentic self and not care what people think.
  16. Ability to never stop dreaming.
  17. Ability to never stop thinking of ideas.
  18. Ability for my freedom to write and think what I feel.
  19. Those who inspire me.
  20. Those who make me laugh.
  21. My 2:00 am friends (you know who you are).
  22. Best friend in Christ (you knows who you are).
  23. My online social sistahs (you know who you are).
  24. Mari Smith for her friendship and invitation to co-author the Relationship Age book with her.
  25. Fellow authors of the Relationship Age book.
  26. My book publisher, Nick Nanton and team.
  27. Fellow authors of Game Changers book.
  28. Technology which enables us to connect with people near and far more intimately than ever before.
  29. Facebook and Twitter for giving me a place to foster relationships and share information to help people grow.
  30. My twitter buddies who live local and internationally who I know better than half of my neighbors.
  31. Brandon Chamber of Commerce and relationships made which helped us start and grow our business.
  32. YouTube for enabling me to share my real self, organically attract clients and shorten the sales cycle exponentially.
  33. Infusionsoft for making it easy to communicate with my community and nurture authentic relationships via email.
  34. Social Media Today for syndicating my content and helping my business grow in 2010.
  35. The non-profits I work with who let me join their cause to serve God’s Kingdom.
  36. Fashion Hope team.  Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next year.
  37. My neighbors who keep an eye out for me and my family.
  38. The teachers who teach and love my children for who they are.
  39. Wolfpack Football coaches and volunteers for teaching my kids the real meaning of teamwork and never giving up.
  40. My last mean CEO in corporate America for teaching me how to never treat my employees and for giving me the “why” of my business and ensure Plan A as an entrepreneur succeeds.
  41. God given skills and experience to help others build a life for themselves by leveraging the internet and smart marketing.
  42. God taking my keys and stripping away everything I depended on that was of this traditional world and building me up again.
  43. My church, Crossing Church and all the people in it.
  44. Crossing Church DLT for believing in me and loving me from my first day out of corporate, responding to my midnight emails and helping us never give up faith in our God’s ability to provide such peace, hope and love!
  45. Free Wi-Fi at Panera even if it does come with crazy loud people as a special bonus.
  46. Tivo, other wise I’d never get to watch the news (or any TV for that matter).
  47. TV’s on the elliptical so I can watch CNN, listen to Loverboy & tweet at the same time… all so I can make it thru a 50 min cardio workout.
  48. iPhone that enables me to tweet while working out, waiting in line, laying out at the beach, spinning, walking and the list goes on.
  49. The donuts my husband purchased tonight and has been hiding until two minutes ago. Yummy!
  50. All of you patient peeps who actually read to the end of this list! Let me know if you did.

What are you thankful for?