inspiration made simple pick 3 thingsWhat do you have on deck this week? Update the website? Fix your online shopping cart? Write a new blog post about your new services? Blast an email to your list so they will visit your updated website, read your blog about your services, use your no longer broken shopping cart and hopefully buy something from you.

One question: How is that workin' for ya'?

Why don't you rewrite your week's plan. Start with your customer.

It's not hard. Here's how it goes in plain, simple english.

Step 1: Define your top 3 audiences

Step 2: Select 3 things each of your audiences needs to achieve success in life or business.

Step 3: Do 3 things that helps each of your audiences do one of the 3 things in step #2.

What's the difference of this approach? It's not focused on you, you, you!  It might actually help you inspire your audience. It might help you actually connect with them. And most of all it might actually bring you business. Why? Because you are providing value to your audience. Not just blasting noise!

Come on, you can do it!

Some ideas:

  • Write a blog post that helps them solve a problem.
  • Focus on content that sparks a conversation, not blasts information about you and your business.
  • Share a story about yourself and how you over came obstacles and rose above to success.
  • Share information related to something they need.
  • Call someone (yes, pick up the phone) to cheer them up or help them with a problem they are having.
  • Send an email blast that has no link or content to sell anything, only content that inspires!!! This one will bring you more leads than any of them, promise!
  • Reach out to your market a different way than you have before.
  • Take the extra few minutes to make a blog post read well, really well. Find the perfect graphics.
  • Engage with your audiences like today is the last or first day you are open for business.

Yes, we still need to fix the shopping carts, update the website and run the business. However, do not let the things “we must do” interfere with the WHY we are in business and the WHAT and HOW we can help our customers!

Your Turn

What 3 things will you do this week to inspire and connect with your audience? What 3 things will you do that will be focused on helping your audience achieve their goals? Do you ever look at your week this way? Will you take this challenge and try it, just once?