facebook like

So we all know the cute little blue and white hand glove.  The one that is the logo, often represented by the skinny blue rectangle. We look for it. We click it. But why?

Why do you click the “like” button? Do you click it because you really like whatever content was on the page? Do you want your friends to see you liked it? Or did you click it because you wanted your name to show up on the list for the small chance that your friends will see it there when they visit the page?

Or did you click your own like button on your own content on your own page. Or even a competitor, past employer and the list goes on.

Just imagine, if one day you got dragged into court and all of your “likes” were used for or against you? Not saying that will happen, but ya' never know!?

I just had to laugh today as I thought about the little white and blue “like” button we all click.

There is so much unknown in the world of social media. What really will the like button mean two years from now? Could mean a lot. Could mean nothing? We are yet to discover what all these likes will mean.

If Dr Seuss were here maybe he would say something like:

“I like you and you like, best friends forever we'll be.”

or maybe even

“I like you and you like, best friends forever we'll PRETEND to be
until I know what this “like” really means to you and me.”

So until then, be careful you are not an obsessive “like” clicker.  Click what you like because you like it. Never know where all those likes might end up!

p.s. Since I know you liked this post, don't forget to click the “like” button above. Joking, but you know you want to, right?