So you think you can brand like the wild west cowboys use to brand their livestock? If you answer yes, then here is your chance to prove it!

One of my clients is a serial entrepreneur and recently acquired an airline, LocAir. So what does that have to do with you thinking you can brand and being able to prove it? Hold on to your bootstraps cowboy, I'll get there ;)

We are re-launching LocAir inclusive of re-branding. This is where you come in. We want to inspire, engage and challenge the brand gurus and the branding guru wanna be's to help us name the planes. Yup, we have planes but we have no name. And nope, we can't fly without a name.

So, won't you help us name the planes? There are special prizes for the winners including a FREE Bahama Vacation, Social Media Makeover and even $100 gift certificate to Bonefish Grill for the 3rd prize winner. It's not that hard. Just come up with a name. A name that will inspire, connect with audiences. A name that will look cool on the side of a plane. A name that will enable us to brand the airline different than the United Airlines, Continental and Delta's of the world today.

So put on your branding spurs, boots & chaps. It's time you take LocAir on a wild ride. Take us where we didn't know we could do. We know you got it in you. Show us what ya' got!

For more information:

1. Social Name Game: This is the home base of the campaign. You can enter the promotion right from this site by clicking on the big orange bar at the bottom (hard to miss!) You can watch a video and learn more about the campaign and the airline to prepare your horse for the challenge ahead!

Social Name Game is new site in beta that will support small businesses, entrepreneurs, and do-it-yourselfers. It's mission in life is to help the little guys brand and market like the big guys by leveraging social media, crowdsourcing & smart marketing! More to come on this later.

2. Facebook Promotion:
The promotion is hosted on Facebook. Pretty self explanatory. However, in case your horse gets lost just click on the “Name the Planes” link on the left hand column from the Social Name Games Facebook page.

3. YouTube Videos:

Name the Planes Video Starring Wayne & the Plane with No Name! Click here

Campaign overview video from yours truly. Click here

4. US Patent & Trademark Office – Trademark Searches:
Don't forget to check out the Trademark status of your proposed name. Obviously a name that is taken can't legally be considered.

So are you ready to go? Get out the chaps, the iron & get to work! See ya' on the other side.

Oh and you have until Friday at noon to complete your mission! Good luck!