social media nut shell tweetsSometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't is my mantra of life. I am who I am take it or leave it.

From the moment I hopped on Twitter I found engaging conversation and some of the best peeps I have met in my life.  Twitter has helped us grow our business, enhance our relationships. I have established large and small clients thanks to a Friday Follow recommendation from someone I don't know and even secured speaking engagements and book deals thanks to the 140 character medium.

I spent a ton of time doing social listening and started out as a curator. I do my best to stay in tune with my audience via conversation, listening, learning and providing them with relevant content and conversation.

There is not one way to tweet, Facebook, Link or circle. The only way to do social media is the way that works for you. Below describes what works for me.

I get asked a lot how I tweet, what I do, if I answer DMs, why I don't auto tweet on Triberr and the list goes on. It was time for a blog post to provide those interested in how a social nut tweets. I'd love to hear your comments and if it is similar or different to what you do or don't do.

1. You get me always.  There is only one me so that is what you get.

2. I rarely automate tweets. If I do they are inspiring quotes or reminders for our #GetRealChat.

3. I review every article and post I send. I am a member of Triberr and this also includes the posts from my tribe as I set them to manual.

4. Yes, I probably have tribe mates in a couple tribes who get frustrated I don't tweet their posts. I care about every tweet and link I send and will not ever lower the quality of my content, the relevancy to my audience nor the conversation just to get more tweets and retweets. I love to help new bloggers and will share good content regardless if you have 10 followers or 100,000.

5. I only tweet content that I find interesting, inspirational, unique, educational or simply fun.

6. I will often tweet posts from bloggers with different opinions than mine. I love the sociology aspect of social media and welcome a good debate.

7. I don't believe in required 100% reciprocation. It all starts to lose heart and meaning when we begin to expect reciprocation vs appreciate it.

8. I don't tweet to influence my Klout score nor do I let the goal of an incereased Klout score drive my motives and behavior online.

9. I don't prioritize who I talk to, who I thank, who I retweet based on Klout or other influence metrics. I love replying to someone with a zero Klout score who is a newbie learning! Had I only had conversations with those with high Klout scores I would have missed out on some of the greatest friendships and business partnerships to date.

10. Yes, I care about numbers. However, I care about quality more. Therefore, I will not trade number of following for bad quality.

11.I don't follow everyone back automatically. I follow back based on engagement. Make me laugh, cry or think and chances are I will respond to you as well as follow you back.

12. If I  am not following you and I should be then pls just ask!

Tweet for Nuts13. I use custom social ninja tools only us and our clients benefit from. We use these tools to help us target the right people to follow. Our top criteria is engagement, not a high percentage of link tweets and interesting content.

14. I do not track who follows and unfollows me. If you unfollow me chances are I will never know as I really don't care. I care more about the ones who do.

15. I auto unfollow based upon specific criteria. Number one is if you don't follow me back you will automatically be unfollowed within approx. 7 days. I do this to keep the percentages healthy and keep and engaged following that likes to have a conversation. I focus on conversation, not follower numbers. I have found by default if you have good conversation and provide relevant content that connects you with your audience your followers will grow organically.

16. If  I unfollow you and I shouldn't have please don't take it personally.  It is probably something gone wacky in the unfollow tool or you may have hit one of our criteria. It doesn't mean I unfollowed you on purpose. I have very rarely unfollowed people manually unless they spam or really bug me.

17. I use formalists to find cool peeps via their awesome Twitter lists.

18. I do not auto tweet anything from Facebook.

19. I do not auto post my tweets to LinkedIn.

20. I am a tweet chat addict. I host #GetRealChat on Tuesday nights 9pm et.  Some of my other favorite twitter chats are #SMManners hosted by @DabneyPorte, #LinkedInChat hosted by @LinkedInExpert, #CMChat hosted by @JessicaNorthey & #blogchat hosted by @MackCollier.

21. I never click on links in direct msgs unless I know you.

22. I auto purge DM's that include words like “thanks for following” or “mafia

23. I try to respond to DMs. However, if it's important do not depend only on DMs. At least send a tweet & let me know its there.

24. I report and block all spam tweets I catch that include my name and you have 10 to zero followers.

25. I tweet what I am thinking, feeling and believe you want to hear.

26. I tweet a combo of business and life tweets. I try to minimize tweets about our business to less than 20%.

27. I know within five minutes of hopping on Twitter what the tone and mood of my engaged followers are. The mood definitely influences the language I use, content I tweet and tone of my conversation.

28. If you are a twitter bully chances are low I will respond to your mean tweet unless I  am in a really good or bad mood

29. I have made good friends with many peeps that started with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

30. I love to learn on Twitter. I like to ask questions, take polls and learn from those who engage and inspire me.

31. I tweet a lot on some days. I do not tweet to make my tweet stream look like a piece of 1987 corporate collateral.  To me social media and Twitter is a conversation, I try to keep it that way.

32. I do Twitter for business and life. I have received first contact from a few of our biggest clients via a Twitter DM.
I do my best to remain positive on Twitter while still remaining real. I am not an information source for negative news, bomb threats etc.

33. I tweet links to my blog posts several times a day. Yes, I have a business to run, mouths to feed and goals.

34. I do not believe in random acts of marketing or social media. I work under a plan with goals and objectives. I use an editorial calendar for our blog and marketing content that supports our business and marketing plan.

35. Even though I work within a plan I still remain 100% dynamic to the needs and tone of my audience. I think a balance of both is a key to success.

36. I use social media and Twitter as a listening tool every day.

37. I try to show the social love and let people know I am thankful for their comments and retweets. I have been very busy with a new partner lately & fallen behind on these things. I do my best.

38. If you want to work with me or my agency don't send me a DM telling me you think you might want to work with me and then send a tweet complaining I didn't respond to your DM. If you really want us to spend time on the phone with you then please take the time to fill out a quote request or contact form on our website.

39. I have met amazing people on Twitter, many of which I now consider good friends as well as current or soon to be business partners.

40. My clients get their own strategy No cookie cutter plans come from this nut!

41. I only tweet and retweet interesting content that is relevant to my audience.

42. I tweet the word “Woot!” when I am excited, which is quite often.  It was recently added to the dictionary.

43. Twitter is an integral component and has been one of the top platforms enabling the growth of our business and the transformation to a new life away from corporate.

44. I left corporate two years ago after fifteen years of success in high tech marketing and product management. Much of my tweets enable me to connect with those taking the same bold steps into entrepreneurship.

45. I share the ups and downs of my business and life. I will share my losses as well as my wins. I like it when you do the same. It's not bragging if we have a relationships so let's help each other up when we fall and celebrate the wins together!

46. If you want to get to know me even better join my Facebook Page at I am on it daily and answer all questions usually within 24 hours.
47. If you plagiarize my blog post and copy it in full without attribution to me I will more than likely comment on the blog and tweet you, kindly asking you to remove. If you have no problem plagiarizing my content publicly then I have no problem telling you to take it down publicly.

48. I do not tweet and drive or tweet at red lights. I was hit at a red light by a woman who was texting. She totaled both of our cars and it would have been much worse had I not seen her coming and been able to get out of the way some.

49. Twitter is my favorite social communication platform.

50. Yes I have made many good and in real life friends on Twitter. We talk on a daily basis and I know many of them better than my neighbors and some friends.

51. I will not follow you back just because you send me an auto tweet telling me I unfollowed you. It probably decreases the chances versus increases them.

52. I tweet and write blog posts with tips, suggestions, deep thoughts and more. I offer my opinions. You can take them or leave them.

53. We only work with clients who want to invest in people and conversation. If you are looking for an agency to help you figure out how to spam your followers, that's not us, sorry.

54. There is only one way to do social media and that is the way that works for your business and life.

55. If you don't like any of the above and think I am doing it all wrong, I don't care what you think, sorry.


How do you tweet?