Social Media for Smarties

I believe we are over complicating the world of social media. We get caught up in tweets, posts, follows, influence scores, analytics and the list goes on.

It doesn't have to be so hard. Does the newbie really need to watch us debate for weeks about if Facebook or Google+ is going to win when they are simply coming to us for help in getting online in the first place?

We must help those who ask for help understand it's about the people.  It's about integrated marketing with a clear focus on business and marketing objectives.  Yes, the tools are important, but it's how you use the tools that matter most. The objectives help you understand WHY you are using the tools.  The conversation will be guided by the WHY your fans, followers and readers should care.

So here goes the most simple blog post I have ever written. It was even verified by my 7 yr old and he “got it.”  Now let's see if you can help others “get it” too!

Social Media for Smarties

Social media requires people, conversation and a medium (i.e., tools).

In Real Life (IRL) people talk, listen, share, complain, cry, work, sing, laugh and make new friends.

In real life people hang out in social circles. They talk and laugh with peeps that make them feel good.

Now they hang out online in social circles. Circles like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Guess what, online people also talk, listen, share, complain, cry work, sing, laugh, and make new friends.

Thanks to social media they can now talk, listen, share, complain, cry, work, sing, laugh, and make new friends without leaving their house.

They can do it in their bed with their iPhone and only one eye open. They can even sit in their call all day or head head to their favorite coffee shop with free WiFi.

They do social via 140 characters on twitter

They do social on Facebook business pages.

They do social on Facebook personal pages.

They like.

They circle.

They follow.

They laugh.

They friend.

They share.

Just like they do in real life.

Guess what else…. Social media is real.

It's not fake. It's real life.

Yes there are fakers.

There are bad peeps, trolls and bullies.

However, there are bad peeps, trolls and bullies in real life too.

However there are gems and rockstars. There are people who can touch our heart in 140 characters or less.

There are laid off peeps, poor peeps, rich peeps, mama-preuners, CEOs and biz owners.

And guess what else… these people need friends.

They need conversation.

They need services.

They need products.

Just like in real life.

They want to buy from real people, not robots.

They want you to treat them like a human being.

Just like you would do in real life.

After all, behind the avatar they are simply people who talk, listen, share, complain, cry work, sing, laugh, and make new friends.

Find out where the people you want to talk to are hanging out.

Just like you would do in real life.

Get to know them so you can have a real conversation with them.

Get social.

Get real.

Get business.

Get life.

It's really not that hard unless you make it so!

Got it?