We all know the story, the problems, the laughter, the tears, and even the drama of becoming a social business. Those that have attempted, are working toward or have succeeded know it's about much more than a tweet or a Facebook page. We must get in the head of our communities, audience, partners, and more. We must learn how we can best connect the dots of technology and conversation. It's both art and science. It's both communication and function.

So we're kicking off a fun experiment. This is the first in a series of an interactive social business video series where you get to be the director!

The interactive video series is titled “The Days of Our Social Biz!”

What makes this fun and unique? Well, you get to be the director. Each episode will end with a thrilling social cliff hanger (well not quite a cliff hanger, but close!)

We will ask the community for input as to what the next segment will be.  You can help direct what tools and tech the team will use. You can help us solve problems, better communicate with stakeholders and even create some funny scenarios based on real time happenings in the social ecosystem.

If you are interested in sponsoring a segment please contact us or including your product or service contact me and we will discuss.

We'll be making decisions as to how this gets played out, where exactly we host it once we get some initial feedback. This one is made pretty quick and dirty. Remember, perfection is enemy of good. This one definitely leaned toward “good.”!

Anyway, check out the first segment. This one is titled CEO Wants Klout!

When you are done viewing the video we ask that you come back here and leave a comment on your recommendations for the next segment.  If your recommendations are chosen we will include your name, business name and a link to your site. Eventually we can enable crowdsourced voting for segment content if there is an interest.

35 Social Media Truths

This post was inspired by our “35 Social Media Truths” series of blog posts. It is part of a keynote presentation I gave at Rochester Institute of  Technology. If you want to hear more, sign up for the 35 Social Media Truths Newsletter and you will receive all 35 of them over a period of time. Included will be different mediums such as video, blog posts and more.

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