social media is not rocket scienceThis post is different than most that I write. I have a simple message to get across today and I hope you hear it loud and clear. This post started out as a Twitter discussion, then Facebook discussion. You are now getting my head and heart in 140+ on a subject I am obviously very passionate about.

QUIT over complicating social media. It is not rocket science.

  • Do the work you need to do within your business to drive real results.
  • There is no magic pill, secret sauce or snake oil social media consultant that can teach you the tricks for overnight fame, fortune & online success.
  • Roll up your sleeves and integrate social media into your business, not your business into Facebook.
  • Stop thinking you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes. Robots do not read, engage or get out their credit card to buy from you.
  • Set your goals then implement a plan to achieve them. It's not rocket science.

I have a real life quick case study for you. Here goes…

Case study: 

We set a goal 2 weeks ago to establish authority and thought leadership on topic and best practices of content marketing (which is what I did as part of 15+ year corporate career in technology Fortune 500 and startup organizations).

Results 2 weeks later:

-Currently trending on twitter for topic of #contentmarketing
-Blog traffic out the roof
-1000's opt-ins to our email list
-More qualified leads and business (i.e.,  $$).
-Moved up 28 spots on Technorati Top 100 Small Biz Blogs – now #28
-Have been invited to guest blog on several top tier websites relevant to content marketing.
-Have been invited to speak at upcoming events on the topic including potential events in India and Dubai!
-Inspired us to implement things we had been putting off (launching Twitter class, re-launch affiliate program, shopping cart launch for new agency & list goes on.)

Not rocket science…. 

1. Get in the head of your audience.
2. Know your biz goals & objectives
3. Develop a plan
4. Execute the plan
5. Analyze, tweak, optimize, rinse & repeat!
*For all steps avoid random acts of marketing (RAMs) & focus on INTEGRATION to maximize ROI.

Still confused?

If NONE of this make sense to you here are a few resources to help:

  • Visit my blog or do the double click if you are already there and not reading this from a syndicated site. My blog is LOADED with helpful tips, tricks, whitepapers & how to guides!
  • Hire us to help you. We can put it in a nutshell so you can move forward with results once and for all.
  • Take our new  Twitter in a Nutshell class launching this week where I will be sharing exactly how I have built my following using ethical methods and how I did such based upon alignment to business goals and objectives.
  • Sign up to be an affiliate and get some extra cash in your pocket. That way you can take a beach vacation and think about how you are going to do social media the right way, instead of the lazy way that will never bring results anyway!
  • Join us on #GetRealChat tonight at 9pm et for a discussion on the power of a real community vs fake robots!

You can achieve results with social media. However, you must do more than do social or be social. You must be socially relevant.

Enough said…. Have a great day :-)


p.s. I practice what I preach folks, not just preach.

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