Join us on #GetRealChat today with special guest Elana Anderson (@Elanaera)

Elana is the Executive Director, Product Line Management for IBM's Enterprise Marketing Management Group.

Prior to her rIBM Smarter Commerceole at IBM, Elana was the Vice President of products at Unica Corp, acquired by IBM in 2010.

A preview of topics to be discussed on today's #GetRealChat:

  • Why has technology become so vital to today's marketer?
  • What is generation “C” (the connected customer)?
  • Why is generation C so important and what role is it playing?
  • What mindset shifts must take place to successfully engage generation C?
  • Is a system of engagement really important?
  • What are typical roadblocks to building a system of engagement and how can you overcome them?
  • The importance of an integrated marketing solution.
  • Why a unified vision is so important and the benefits offered.
  • Updates on IBM's upcoming release of a new whitepaper about why leading marketers outperform.
  • How IBM is helping marketers create a system of engagement.
  • Highlights on the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Orlando next week.

I hope you can join us for this value packed conversation. It's going to be a busy one and loaded with great information to help you and your business!

To join, simply use the hashtag #GetRealChat

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