social media ultimate party foul list We  have all seen them or done them. The social media party fouls. We may want to think everyone is following a standard norm for social media engagement interaction and building of relationships. Bottom line, people are people. Social media is filled with people. The social media party foul is simply a fact of life on the social networks. Will they ever go away? Chances are high they won't.

So what can we do about them? I say have fun with them. Here is a short list of 70 party fouls. Now the big question is… can you admit you have done or still do at least a few of these?

  1. Using the egg as your permanent avatar  / profile photo on Twitter.
  2. Using a cat photo as your permanent avatar on Facebook but expecting strangers to accept your friend request.
  3. Using a cat photo as your permanent avatar combined with a similar shot of cat as your cover photo and still expecting strangers to accept your friend request.
  4. Beg for Facebook likes on Twitter (or anywhere).
  5. Beg for Twitter follows on Facebook.
  6. Auto tweet every Facebook post to Twitter.
  7. Auto post every Twitter tweet to Facebook.
  8. Thank every new “liker” on Facebook via a tweet on Twitter.
  9. Twitter auto direct messages (DM.)
  10. SEO companies begging to guest blog on your top ranked site linking to their low ranked site after Google's Panda update.
  11. SEO companies begging for paid placement on your social business blog of links and ads to their own blog or that of their client drug addiction site.
  12. Startup tech companies begging via your web form to be their new “partner” to test their new product. However, first step is you must purchase the Gold subscription.
  13. Using your personal Facebook page as a business page and spam haven.
  14. Asking to be my friend from both your Facebook business page setup as a personal profile and your real Facebook profile.
  15. Asking to by my friend from any personal Facebook profile with a business logo as the avatar/ photo.
  16. Purchasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes and then thinking you have real “social proof.”
  17. Helping others purchase Twitter followers and Facebook likes to help them get “social proof” so they can sell their awesome social media consulting services.
  18. Complaining about your clients on Twitter and Facebook constantly.
  19. Ruining your child's reputation for getting a job before they are even 15 because of how bad you talk about them on Facebook. I'm tired of seeing the messy pictures of their room already.
  20. Posting photos of cats 24/7.
  21. Posting the same photos of your feet on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and tweeting them several times throughout the day.
  22. Tweeting drunk and bragging about tweeting drunk on Twitter.
  23. QRC code as your avatar photo on Facebook or Twitter (or any network for that matter.)
  24. Logo as your avatar on your personal Facebook page being used for business (in violation of Facebook terms.)
  25. Not having a clue that there are Facebook terms clearly stating you can not use a personal Facebook profile as a business profile.
  26. Sharing status updates complaining of your broken relationships constantly.
  27. Constantly telling us on Facebook how much you hate your significant other one day but then telling us about how stable your relationship is the next.
  28. Using foul language constantly.
  29. social media multiple personaHaving blatant multiple personas and Twitter profiles such as professional business persona, crazy party guy or girl persona, and half naked rated XX persona all while tweeting daily tips for how to have integrity, character and be successful in business.
  30. Sharing every single check-in on Foursquare to Twitter and Facebook.
  31. Sharing every +k you give and receive.
  32. Thanking every person who tweets you via a single tweet to get your Klout score up.
  33. Only conversing with people with high influence scores.
  34. Thinking there is only one way to do social media, which is your way or the highway.
  35.  #Using a #hashtag #for #anything #and #everything #on #every #social #network.
  36. Spamming me with a link to your blog when we have first met on Twitter or Facebook.
  37. Spamming me on LinkedIn with your product or service immediately after I accept your connection.
  38. Spamming me about your product or service on LinkedIn but not even taking the time to tell me what your product or service is.
  39. Expecting me to retweet your video, blog just because you ask with no respect for my community or business.
  40. Being a city, state or county government agency and spamming your Twitter stream begging for people to share a video or blog link about your city.
  41. Completely missing the point of the need to build relationships via social media.
  42. Ignoring the fact that it is good content people like to read and share with their friends and colleagues.
  43. Ignoring every norm there is on the social networks.
  44. Expecting more than you give.
  45. Begging me to like your Facebook page immediately after I follow you on Twitter.
  46. Broken buttons and links all over your website.
  47. Neon website flashes and screams loud music on front page.
  48. Facebook button on your website that links to
  49. Blog filled with only tweets.
  50. Virus warnings constantly appear when visiting your website.
  51. Being out with friends, going to the restroom for 15 minutes and then tweeting & conversing them from the toilet.
  52. Arguing about a blog post or title via Twitter without ever reading the blog post.
  53. Acting like a jerk or troll on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network just because you can.
  54. cut social media spamSpamming links to your fundraiser 24/7.
  55. Spamming LinkedIn groups daily.
  56. Using a photo of yourself in a bikini in 12th grade as your avatar / profile photo on all social networks.
  57. Constantly posting photos of yourself in a bikini in 12th grade to remind everyone how beautiful you are and use to be.
  58. Playing games on Facebook and sharing your wins, treasures, and medals on purpose 24/7.
  59. Inviting me to play poker or any other game on Facebook daily.
  60. Being a negative Nelly or Debby downer 24/7. We know your life sucks because you tell us such 24/7. Spare us the constant complaining please.
  61. Tagging a gazillion people in photos on Facebook constantly so you can get “likes” and raise your Klout and other influence scores.
  62. Tweeting into tweet chats the last 2 minutes with canned quotes just so you can get retweets and show up on the transcripts.
  63. Tweeting into tweet chats and getting mad within 2 minutes that you are not the center of attention.
  64. Spamming the same tweet over and over and over all day, every day.
  65. Setting your grandma, grandpa, mom and 2 yr old son up on Facebook so you can get some more Facebook likes.
  66. Logging in as your granny, son and mom and liking all your own posts daily.
  67. Tweeting this to your friends and not admitting you have done at least 5 of these during your social media life time.
  68. Not retweeting this to your friends.
  69. Tweeting this post and telling me I had too many tips. Come on, it's just for fun and took literally 15 minutes too write.
  70. Having only 69 party fouls but stating the list has 70. Hmmm… maybe this counts as a foul so we really have 70?

What party fouls did I miss? Please add your own!

Ultimate Social Media Tip of the Day: Remember, there is only ONE way to do social media and that is the way that works for YOU and YOUR business, period!