p90x entrepreneur inspirationFamous words of our new favorite P90x family friend…

“Bring it!

Just keep pushing play.

Don't quit, you can do it.

You want guns, you have to work for them.

Do what you can do.

Have a bad leg, bad knee then just do what you can do.

Most workouts would be quitting right now, NOT P90x!

Whatever you do, don't quit.”

The Marketing Nutz Go P90x!

Our entire family recently started the P90x program to shed a few pounds we have put on over the past few years since becoming entrepreneurs.

At first I was reluctant of the P90x program. Although I have had success losing weight in the past with programs developed in partnership with doctors and trainers I still have a problem with rules. I like to do what I like to do when I want to do it. I even have over 15 training sessions left with a local trainer at my gym, so that should tell you something!

My Excuses to Not Commit Begin

Committing to a program as stringent as P90x was initially quite tough for me. It wasn't the scare of the physical workout. It was the scare of the rules and not being able to set my own.

I was also afraid about not having the freedom to hit the gym every day. With P90x I was worried about being chained to the tv in the presence of my husband and a crazy 8 yr old who had no problem doing one leg decline push-ups from day one!

I watched the first couple videos and as with most programs I was “ready to rock.” I dove in head first.

Business Travel Makes Excuses Even Easier

During week one I headed to Orlando for two days to deliver a keynote and break-out presentation at iSummit 2012.  Although I took a couple of the DVDs with me, as you can guess they didn't come out of the box.

As usual, I took control. I ignored Tony and did not push play.

The result? Well the result was there was no results. I was not stronger, faster or skinnier.

I Almost Quit! 

entrepreneur don't give up P90xI came back from the business trip and had a talk with my husband. I told him I didn't think the program was for me. I even told him I thought it might be too easy and that I wouldn't lose any weight. Being the supportive husband he is, he supported me. He said “whatever you want to do honey… .whatever you think will work best for you, I will support.”

So for 24 hours I made myself believe it would be better for me to go back to the gym. To go back to the tweeting cardio elliptical machine that I had gained 35+ lbs on over the past 2 yrs.

Hubby recommended I sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. I took his advice and decided not to make a decision on a Saturday night when I was dead tired.

Reality Check

The next morning I woke up with a different attitude. I realized the problem wasn't P90x, Tony Horton or my 8 yr old who can kick my butt on push-ups. It wasn't the fact I had a busy week in Orlando the week prior.

The problem was me! The problem was I wasn't ready to push play and mean it. I wasn't ready to give up the things holding me back. Being part of a program meant I couldn't eat the cheating snacks during the day. I couldn't skip workouts. I couldn't eat the 5 french fries off my sons plate at the local burger restaurant. I had to cut down and eventually quit drinking diet coke and drink more water. Ouch, now that one hurt!

My Why

I took a week and dibble dabbled with this reality check Tony had just given me. What was my problem? Why couldn't I push play and mean it? Why did I quit?

After some deep thought, lots of water, a few bike rides and lots of prayer I found the answer. I wasn't focusing on the right thing. I was focusing on the tactics. I was focusing on random acts of fitness. This was similar to the random acts of marketing (RAMs) I help people eliminate in business.

I was doing the same thing I tell my customers not to do. Instead of focusing on my WHY, my objectives and my goals I was focusing on the fact my son could do one leg decline pushups  the first day. I was focusing on the work, the pain, and all the excuses why it was bad instead of focusing on the end result and how good it would feel to achieve my objectives.

It hit me. I needed to practice what I preach and teach in business in my own personal health and fitness life. I needed to set goals, objectives and hit play! I needed to ask for help and let someone help me. I needed to trust my trainer, Tony Horton. I needed to believe in his program and his ability to help me achieve my goals and objectives.

Once I got refocused on my WHY of business and life, the excuses started to disappear. I then saw the benefits of not having to put on make-up or even brush my hair to hit the gym. With P90x I can roll out of bed and workout. I save two hours a day by not getting ready, driving, and running errands on the way there or home.

I also started to see the benefit of having hubby and even my son there to inspire me. We could make each other accountable, help one another achieve our own personal goals and objectives.

Finding my WHY I wanted to lose weight and get fit again helped me prepare to push play and understand why I couldn't do it prior.

I Pushed Play!

It was time to commit. I looked myself in the virtual mirror and knew there was only one option as I am not a quitter.

I put in the DVD and I hit play. I started listening to every word Tony said. I have given it my 100% since.

Now, not even 3 weeks into it I have a new visitor, my tricep muscle! I wrote a special thank you note to the lil' tricep feller on Facebook today that read like this:

entrepreneur small business no more excuses p90x

How Does This Relate to Your business?  Your life? 

My guess is there is something in your business or life that you are hitting “pause” on. Or maybe even something that you haven't even come close to inserting the DVD.

Start With Your WHY!

Don't start with the tactics. If you do, you'll end up like me and have all the reasons in the world why they are bad and that your old ways are better for now. Start with a long day at the beach, in the mountains or even the library. Get away and dig into your why of both business and life.

Why are you doing what you do? What is it you want to be when you grow up? Where do you want to be in one year? Two years? Five years? Why do you want to achieve such? What will it feel like when you get there? Why will it be better?

social business push play p90xJust push play. 

When you play, play hard. Simply put in the DVD of life and business. Hit the play button and mean it. Don't just hit play and ignore what it has to say. Listen to the words. Dig deep within yourself to find the stamina to move the mountains, do the research, get in the head of your customer.

What are you needing to hit play for that you have been ignoring? Is it stopping spam to your email list? Is it setting goals and objectives? Is it getting more intimate with your current customers? Developing a market segmentation or content marketing strategy?

Whatever it is, just do it.

Find a Workout Buddy.

Surround yourself with people who will help you push play. Find the crazy friend like my son who can do the one legged push up. Find the person who knows how to do research, build email lists or teach you how to have a conversation on Twitter.

Don't do it by yourself. We are all better as a community supporting one another than we are as single silos off doing our own program.

Find someone who will help you “Bring It!”

Try it, you might be surprised at the result!