Facebook Timeline is nearly 1 year old!

February 29, 2012 was the day Facebook officially announced and turned live the now familiar “Timeline for Pages.”

Facebook Timeline Turns 1

Facebook Timeline Turns 1

It's even hard to remember what Pages looked like before Timeline.  Remember the “old days” of Pages with a left navigation, no cover image, and 520 pixel wide tabs?

My how things have changed!   Image sizes, strategies for engagement, importance of the News Feed and post types, as well as the value of tab app promotions are just a few of the new priorities that emerged over the past year as Timeline evolved.

As we look back on all that has changed with Pages, the one constant is the value of images within Pages.  Images matter in posting, cover images are key to introducing a Page, and the size of images in links and video previews have been important updates in the past few months by Facebook.  For example, on the Infographic below look at the size that Facebook video preview images get (403 x 226 px!)  in comparison to YouTube videos.

With images being so valuable, at the one year anniversary of Facebook's launch of Timeline for Pages, we offer you a updated and revised Facebook Timeline Image Dimensions Guide for use!

Happy Birthday Facebook Timeline!


This is a guest post by Mike Gingerich, Co-Founder ofTabsite