Facebook news timeline changesFacebook's March 7, ‘2013, Live Event at their Menlo Park headquarters outlined the new features of the revamped News Feed.  Noting that it was “mobile-inspired,” the unveiling keyed on the value of images, the desire for users to control and have access to whatever content they want to see, and the value of an even richer experience in the location where users spend the majority of their time.


Users will now be able to use a “Following” filter where they can see ALL of the posts from Pages they have Liked and public figures they follow.

No more questions about is Facebook is limiting what you see so that they can earn Ad dollars. They are letting you see it all. Feel free to share the news!




There will also be a much more cohesive experience between mobile, tablet, and web. An even richer experience for images in the News Feed and more “in-feed” tools as we predicted here: http://blog.tabsite.com/post/686/The-Next-Facebook-News-Feed-Update





Facebook used the simplicity necessary at the mobile level to guide the view on the tablet and web versions.  There will be a richer experience in the News Feed with images and more features.  For instance if a user uses Facebook's Check-in tool at a location and adds a photo, friends of that user will see the large view of the image as well as the ability to easily see more information on that location.




What does it mean for Brands?

  • Images and visual storytelling will continue to rule!  Capture your product, brand, and events with imagery to share, and make it easy for users to share your images!
  • Content matters!  Facebook has responded to the cry for a way to access all the content they want on Facebook.  Brands will continue to need to regularly share quality content.


What are your thoughts on the new Facebook News Feed that is coming?