exceptional digital experience ibm #getrealchatDid you know that one in ten people own three or more mobile devices?  I am guilty and own more than three.

Today's consumer moves seamlessly from pc, tablet to mobile phone within minutes. They may research a product or service online via laptop or mobile device and head straight to the store to pick it up.

Case in point, this weekend I was researching and purchasing some new technical equipment for the launch of our new radio show, #GetRealChatRadio. My research started at home on my Macbook pro. It continued over lunch via my iPhone.

I then made the decision to head to Best Buy because based on my research conducted via mobile device I confirmed they had what I needed. I had narrowed down my purchase online but was hoping a helpful member of the Best Buy team could help me.

Though I wound up eventually getting help from a Best Buy team member, it took a few tries. They had to look at the box and initially provided me incorrect information. I had the product pulled up on my mobile device and was able to show it to them. I then asked them to double check their answer based on the information on their own website.

Once they realized I had researched the product, they then immediately ensured a staff member better educated on the product helped me.  I wound up with a very helpful representative who use to run a very successful radio show. He was able to confirm the research I had already done and help me feel confident in the purchase.

The fact that I was able to pull up the product, find it and research it within seconds while in the store saved the sale. Had I not been able to do such I likely would have left the store frustrated and maybe even purchased the product elsewhere. I walked out with close to $500 in product thanks to a successful experience both in store and online.

ibm social business mobile marketing exceptional digital experiencesThink about these questions…

  • Do you know your customer?
  • How do they research your products?
  • What devices do they use?
  • How are they using such devices?
  • Why are they are using such devices?
  • When and where are they using such device?
  • Are you able to integrate and optimize rich media with agility to meet demands of your audience?
  • How are you using data and analytics to drive improved experience?

You must understand your customer, their needs, their behavior across every touch point they have with your brand.

Getting in the head of your customer and delivering the best possible experience possible is a requirement, not an option. The experience must be seamless, responsive to their device and give them the information they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Join the Conversation – Exceptional Digital Experiences 

#GetRealChat Twitter Chat CommunityWe are honored to be part of a new conversation series sponsored by the IBM Social Business, Exceptional Digital Experiences team.

IBM, Base22 and City Forward joined us for an educational discussion via our #GetRealChat Twitter chat 7/18/13.

Below is a recap inclusive of conversation highlights of the Twitter chat. You can also view the entire transcript of the chat here #GetRealChat IBM Social Business Exceptional Digital Experience. There were over 300 people participating in the conversation.

In addition, check out the upcoming events including the launch of our new #GetRealChatRadio show and additional events sponsored by IBM, including an upcoming Facebook chat. These events will be loaded with case studies, industry research and recommendations, tips and strategies you can implement immediately.

Below you will find more information and details for how you can join the conversation. It is imperative we never stop learning when it comes to creating exceptional user experiences that engage, inspire, and empower our customers. We look forward to the discussion and learning together with you how we can better serve the needs of our customers by delivering exceptional digital experiences.


Facebook Chat – Hosted by IBM's Chris Crummy (#P4SP)
Date: Friday, July 26th
Time: 11:00 am et
Join Conversation: facebook.com/events/277574845715672


#GetRealChatRadio – Launch Debut of New Show & Channel with IBM Social Business, Exception Digital Experiences Team
Date: Week of July 29th
Time: TBD
Join Conversation: getrealchat.com/xdx or getrealchatradio


You can also follow & engage in the conversation real time via the following hashtags! 





Special daytime edition of #GetRealChat with @IBMSocialBiz @LarryBowden @MikeMirandi @CityForward and @sandy_carter discussing #DigitalExp!

Special daytime edition of #GetRealChat with @IBMSocialBiz @LarryBowden @MikeMirandi @CityForward and @sandy_carter discussing #DigitalExp!