Google has made some big changes recently to the Gmail user interface!

If you use Gmail, you likely noticed the new “multi tab” structure across the top.  Gmail is making it's own determination on what mail goes in each category for you!  This means some important newsletters (like from Pam ) may be dropping in the “Promotions” tab instead of the “Primary” tab.


The intent of Google is to help users with “inbox overload” and to help users see priority email.  To make sure you have mail coming into the Primary that you want, go to each tab.  If you find something in another tab that you want in the Primary area, simply drag the email to that Primary Tab (on the name Primary) at the top of the page.

Immediately after, a yellow box will appear asking, “Do this for future messages?”.  Make sure to click the “Yes” link to train Gmail to send all email from this source to your Primary tab.


Want to learn more and see this in action?

View this great Video Tutorial from Mike Stelzner of Social Media Examiner:

Video Link on YouTube:


For Businesses….Be sure to Educate your Audience!

For any business engaged in email marketing to nurture customers and leads, it will be important to educate your audience with a post like this above!  This is important so that users do not unknowingly miss your emails by having them continue to go to the Promotions tab.

Take time to craft a blog post or message to your audiences today!  By educating them, you help ensure your communication to them is uninterrupted.