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If you landed on this post because you liked the headline, we need to talk my friend.

Are you really asking yourself how you can suck less?

Is that really a good question that is going to help you meet your business and life goals?

How will you inspire your audiences if all you want to do is “suck less” than whatever it is you are comparing yourself to?

My speaking and training calendar has been jam packed the past few months. At the end of every session I almost always have someone come up to me and basically ask me how they can “suck less.”

What does “suck less” really mean? 

Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) are eating your ROI for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You are not willing to do more than status quo.

You are searching for the social media easy button.

You have tight budget and are settling for “sucking less.”

You are feeling hopeless in achieving your business goals with strained resources.

You don't know how to catch up to your competition, let alone beat them.

You don't know your audience well enough to know what they need, want and how you can help them.

You don't know where to start when it comes to inspiring your audience.

You already spent a fortune on your website, blog and are not seeing a return on investment.

You are feeling overwhelmed with the changes in technology and are chasing shiny objects.

You haven't a clue how to measure the ROI of your social media investments.

You are falling to spam tactics, begging tactics or even worse when it comes to your behavior on the social networks.

You are damaging your brand for both the short and long term by not rising above status quo.

You are having a hard time prioritizing your social media investment because of all of the above.


Here is what you should be asking…

How can I build a strategy and plan that aligns to business goals?

How can I best align social media to meet my business goals and serve the needs of my audience?

How can I deliver higher value for my audiences both on and off line?

What tasks can I scratch off my “to do list” so I can adequately integrate social media into my plans?

How can I eliminate Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) to become more integrated, strategic and successful?

How can I stomp status quo and rock my business goals in 2014 and beyond?

How can I increase both brand awareness and brand equity by integrating social media into my business?

How can I create the best integrated user experience both online and offline?

How can I delight my customers, social media network community members and everyone who comes in contact with our brand and the people in it?

How can I better humanize my brand to better connect with real people within our communities.

What does my audience need and want from me?

What keeps my audience up at night? How can I help them solve their problems?

How can I build an editorial calendar that helps align, integrate our message and content with our business and needs of our audience?

How can I best leverage the content, programs, campaigns and other assets I have already invested in?

How can I make the c-suite, boardroom and all other stakeholders happy versus making up excuses every month why we suck, and how our plan will help us “suck less” next month?

How can I slow down to speed up and deliver real results?

Why should my audience give a rip that my brand, blog, website, social network profile pages exist?


Let's Get Real! 

It's time you stop settling for status quo. 2014 is approaching and this is a perfect time for you to pull your bad status quo, “suck less” head out of the Facebook sand. Pick up the pieces, wipe off the dirt from your knees and let's get your business in order.

Sucking less is not a goal that any smart business leader or marketer should have in their bag of tricks or business plan. Think bigger. Work smarter, not harder. If you don't know where to start or how to do this, call us. We can help.


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