ibm connect 2014 orlando florida getrealchat social business trends Smart marketers already have their head and team blazing new paths into 2014. Thought leaders and social business experts are publishing blog posts predicting trends. Business leaders are anticipating needed changes and trying to make sense of it all so they can best prioritize investment, ready their workforce and appropriately plan for the year ahead.

One thing we know for certain is that social media and mobile marketing are not going away. Context, relevancy and value are requirements, not options when it comes to creating entertaining, educational and responsive content to inspire, connect and engage audiences.

Creating exceptional, unique, and memorable customer experiences will be a top goal for smart business leaders.

We also know that human beings are not being replaced by any type of technology or social network any time soon. In fact, the human element of social business is more important than ever before. Leveraging technology and data to increase collaboration, ignite innovation, empower employees and build smarter workforces will help prepared social businesses leap frog competition.

social media trends 2014 Are you ready for 2014?

  • How will you embrace the trends, create opportunities to better engage with your audiences, fuel innovation, and provide the best customer service possible both on and offline?
  • Are you ready to ignite your workforce and deliver customer value at every brand touchpoint?

Don't just sit there waiting for the trends to fall on your lap. Do more than follow in your competitors footsteps. Innovate, lead and educate yourself and your team.  Join the conversation and be prepared to embrace 2014 and the exciting changes and opportunities it will bring.

Join the Conversation

ibm social business exceptional digital experience

We are pleased to announce the next conversation in a series on these topics sponsored and in partnership with the IBM Collaboration Solutions and the IBM Connect team.

Join the conversation, “Social Trends in 2014” on Tuesday, December 10th at 9pm ET  on Twitter.

Joining the conversation will be @IBMConnect team members, as well as several social business thought leaders and speakers from the upcoming IBM Connect event in Orlando, January, 2014.

Snapshot of  IBM Connect Event Speakers Joining #GetRealChat Conversation on Dec 10th 9pm et:

  • Jeanne C. MeisterForbes Contributor, Partner Future Workplace
  • Mark Fidelman Forbes Contributor, CEO Raynforest, Author of Socialized!
  • Beverly Macy – Host – Social Media Radio, Author of Power of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

Come learn and discuss the 2014 social trends with us as we prepare to deliver value at every customer touch point and reinvent our workforces by empowering employees with the best tools, technologies and data.


#GetRealChat Twitter Chat Community#GetRealChat Twitter Chat with IBM Social Business, Exceptional Digital Experiences Team

Date: Tuesday, December 10th
Time: 9pm et / 8pm ct / 7pm mt / 6pm pt
Join Conversation:


Conversation will include:

  • Building a smarter workforce,
  • Creating exceptional customer and digital experiences with a focus on customer service
  • Mobile, analytics, cloud & social business trends

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