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Have you ever wondered how much you should share online via social media? Should you share what you ate for lunch? Share what you did last night? What about your kids, dog and professional experiences?

Many people confuse authenticity and transparency when it comes to deciding how transparent to be via the social networks.

You don't need to share the same level of information with everyone you meet online and offline to be authentic.

Relationships are built on trust. Learning to share enough to enable people to get to know and connect with you is key to building trust. However, sharing too much can also be damaging to your personal and business brand.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I explain the difference between authenticity and transparency and why it is important that you focus on the right level of transparency to earn trust and build relationships with your audiences online.

Episode highlights: 

  • Difference between authenticity and transparency
  • Building an authentic brand online
  • Nurturing relationships
  • How much is too much?
  • The importance of authenticity and transparency in earning trust and nurturing relationships
  • 13 characteristics of human brands


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