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Email marketing…. is it dead? Is it alive? It's dead. No, it's alive. Are you sure it's alive? I think it's dead. NO, it's alive. This is the topic discussed on the next episode of our Social Zoom Factor podcast episode today.

We have all heard the naysyaers who haven't figured out how to use or integrate email marketing to drive real business results. They are usually the ones shouting that it's dead. Given that 91% consumers check their email at least once daily, and 88% B2B marketers cite email as most effective lead generation tactic, I'd say it's far from dead.

This conversation reminds me of the segment from the Monty Python Holy Grail movie. I can hear the small but mighty voice of email marketing yelling, “No, I'm not dead yet. I am fine. I am happy!”

The problem is that many marketers don't have a clue how to integrate email marketing into their business, nor how to properly align with their current marketing strategies and tactics. Instead of setting up a program inclusive of goals, objectives, measurement systems, integration with technology and other initiatives they fall to Random Acts of Email Marketing (RAMs). RAMs do not deliver real results and instead usually distract you from your core mission.

For success with email marketing, the focus must be on sharing value and serving your audience versus manipulating them to click, share and opt-in!

It's important that we focus on the entire journey of your online visitor, not just the click. You must know who they are, what they want and even what kind of device they are using. You must optimize for today's mobile consumer since 48% of email is opened on a mobile device. 64% of decision makers read their email via mobile devices.

We have grown our email list to over 30,000 in the past 1.5 years via simple email marketing integration. The average conversion rates of our landing pages are well above 55%, some going as high as 71%+! We have consistently nurtured relationships with our subscribers and the ROI is out the roof.

In this episode of Social Zoom Factor podcast I share the importance of email marketing and how we have achieved such success leveraging email marketing and why you can too!

Episode Highlights:

  • How to develop a strategy inclusive of goals and objectives.
  • The importance of knowing your audience and personalizing their experience.
  • Why you must design for the mobile user.
  • Why you must choose tools and tech that enable an integrated platform.
  •  How to design a killer campaign your audience will love.
  • Marketing your campaign for success.
  • Rinse, repeat and optimize.
  • Nurturing relationships even after the sale.
  • Loads of statistics to validate all of the above.

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