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Marketing and business leaders are struggling with how to best leverage social media to increase brand awareness, grow revenue, establish thought leadership and more. They want to humanize their brand but are doing such via technology and networks that make them less human versus more.

What are they missing? They are missing the greatest opportunity right within the walls of their corporation. Employees can be your most loyal brand advocates if you simply take the time to invest in them. Building and successfully implementing a solid brand advocate program tapping into the power of your employees can humanize your brand and connect with your audiences in amazing ways. When you connect with your audience you can nurture relationships, which in turn increase loyalty, customer satisfaction and revenue!

Did you know that only 40% of employees know about their organizational goals and tactics? Yet on the flip side companies that engage their employees have 2.5x the revenue. Conversion rates can be 4 to 10 times higher for offers from trusted advocates.

Smart brands are already tapping into the human power of their employees to increase brand awareness and market reach, create and curate content, engage with target audiences, listen to conversations and even help recruit top talent!

Social media exposes your company from the inside out. It will reveal your company long before it will transform it. Inspire and ignite your employees to live your brand. Empower them be a shining light of your brand promise and deliver it to your audiences daily!

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast, I dig into 15 ways you can tap into the power of your employees. Empower your employees to power your brand!

Episode Highlights

  • Why building a brand architecture and strategy is the first step
  • Developing a business strategy and plan
  • Knowing your audience
  • How to conduct a brand advocacy pilot
  • Conducting an audit of employee social behavior
  • Inspiring employees to live your brand promise
  • Education and empowerment program
  • Securing necessary funding
  • Bridging the social digital divide with those not currently using social media

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